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BLOGMAS: Quick Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

You know, I ALMOST didn’t write this post – because everyone else has done the same thing. But you know what, something I come up with might be different than others.

When I say quick, I mean these gifts are quick. No like ‘quick but you still have to hunt to find it’ – I mean like go to CVS or the mall and you will find these.

Nintendo/Xbox/Playstation Store Gift cards

This is NUMBER ONE on my list because if your friend is a geek then no matter who they are they will love store credit to their console. It can go towards something they have wanted for a while or stock pile it for a release in the new year.

Gamestop Gift Cards

Again….. video games. There’s going to be a pattern with gift cards.

Amazon Gift Cards

If you’re just way to stubborn to fuel the nerd addiction, give them something like an Amazon gift card so that way they can get whatever they want… to fuel the nerd addiction.


Socks!! Are!! Great!! Hot Topic has nerdy ones with designs on them that are absolutely adorable and usually on sale every day of the year for like $6 for 5 pairs or buy one, get one. Obviously you can get nerd socks literally anywhere but Hot Topic is where I go to get mine.

Mystery Mini Pop Figures

Because these are cheap and fun. You never know what you’ll get and if they hate it or get a double you can get it back. Plus there is literally so many that you will find one for any fandom that your friend likes.

Well there you have it – my very simple quick list. These are what I think of when I think of quick gifts for people – not something thats quick that you have to make or hunt down for ages.

What do you think? Any other stores?

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