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Aquaman Movie Review

I know I’m technically supposed to be on a break until 2019… but I needed to write this post before I forgot all my feelings about it and before it was ‘too late’ to write about it.

So here I am, writing this post just literally an hour after getting out of the movie. I’ve pretty much already plentifully distracted myself and forgotten most of the good stuff I was going to say but let me say…. IT WAS AWESOME.

As always if you don’t want spoilers, you probably shouldn’t read. I always try to keep them to a minimum, but sometimes it doesn’t work.

I rate DC movies now on a scale of BVS (Batman V Superman) to Wonder Woman. Nothing this company puts out will ever top Wonder Woman, sorry not sorry.

So my scale is pretty much imperfect because nothing will ever reach Wonder Woman status. But Aquaman gets close, but not close enough where Wonder Woman has to be worried.

If Wonder Woman is 10 on the scale of greatness, Aquaman is a solid like, 8.5, almost 9 but not quite a 9 to me. I’ve realized that DC’s stand-alone hero movies do better than the ones where there are more than one; for example, Batman V Superman absolutely sucked to me and Justice League probably stands at like, a 6 on my scale of DC movies – not too terrible but also not overly great.

I am a bit biased though, liking Marvel more than DC, but at least Marvel had its shit period too (I’m looking at you, Iron Man 2 and 3).

Anyways, I’ve gotten distracted again. We’re supposed to be talking about Aquaman.

Right off the bat the best parts about this movie were when Jason Momoa is shirtless in the first 20 plus minutes of the movie. We will make that crystal clear and get that right out of the way to now focus on other things.

One thing that really irritated me was Mera’s costume. I know it’s closely related to the comics but was it really necessary to be sexualizing her that much when the movie ain’t even about her??

Another outfit thing I was worried about was Aquaman’s suit looking so, so bad on him because it looks a biiiiit ridiculous in the comics. Thankfully, I was wrong because Jason Momoa is hot enough to look good in anything.

One thing I am thankful for is they didn’t make this a full fledged origin story – because they couldn’t. It’s similar to Spiderman after Civil War – Justice League already introduced him so they just had to keep on going with his story.

They did take about 10/15 minutes at the beginning of the movie to breeze by his origins but that was it – and honestly it was okay, because its not like they took up half the movie doing it. There would be flashbacks here and there of different things he went through and learned growing up, but they were spread far enough throughout the movie that it wasn’t annoying.

The thing about this movie is that there’s more than one bad guy. We have Black Mantis, who will be the focus of the next one, and his brother King Orm who, in Arthur’s words, is a dick.

Black Mantis goes away near the end of the movie, to reappear in the post credit scene and become the main problem for the next one. But his brother is the big problem the entire time and the two are working together, until Arthur finally dethrones the dude and gets rid of him by imprisonment at the end.

And then Arthur’s mom and dad reunite and it’s really adorable.

Overall the movie was really good. All the visuals were stunning and it really did give it the underwater feel.

There was a lot of humor which was really nice, but to me it still felt like it was lacking something that doesn’t put it higher up on my scale. I’m not quite sure what it is – maybe another screening will help me figure it out.

Anyway, now I’m seriously taking a break.

Nothing until Janaury 1st.

See you then! Sound off below if you’ve seen the movie and tell me what you think!

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  • Reply Bizarre Brunette

    This movie was SO good.

    December 27, 2018 at 9:16 pm
    • Reply Alyssa | Nerd Side of Life

      Ugh, it really was. I felt like it went by really fast, but also that it didn’t. Maybe I’m just out of touch with movies or something, since I barely go see them anymore.

      December 28, 2018 at 10:46 am
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    January 1, 2019 at 10:01 am
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