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This post is inspired by this Daily Inkling over at Normal Happenings. Thank you again, Matt! Everybody has that thing that they love growing up…


This post is inspired by this Daily Inkling over at Normal Happenings. Thank you again, Matt!

Everybody has that thing that they love growing up that impacts them as an adult. Even if it’s something that you don’t necessarily watch or read often, it’s always just been there in the back of your mind, impacting who you are.

For me, I had a lot of things that impacted me growing up. I feel like every fandom I’m apart of like Marvel, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Wars, etc., has made me a better person and allowed me to truly be myself. But there is one fandom and one thing that has been a constant in my life that I can say is definitely been the fandom that defined me in my lifetime.

And that is Harry Potter.

Growing up, I was always typically a loner child (surprise, surprise). I didn’t talk much at all – not that I talk much still anyway – and I had very little friends. Which is still me, I find my close friends and I keep them by me rather than having a large friend group. It’s how I’ve always been – elementary school, probably 3-5 friends, middle school 3 friends, high school 4 friends, college was a little different because my group was larger, but somehow it made me feel good.

But I digress. Lonely kid, small friend group. In middle school I decided to check out Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone from the school library. I was in 8th grade at the time and had a teacher who let us go to the library almost every day if we had read a book and finished it. I knew that Harry Potter was popular and I knew what it was but never had an interest in reading it until then. So I checked out the book and read it in probably 2 or 3 days.

After I finished that one I asked to go to the library to return it and get the next. And the next. But then I finished Prisoner of Azkaban over a weekend. What was I to do? I simply couldn’t wait until school literally two days later to get the fourth book.

That day my Aunt and cousin were going to Borders (a bookstore that was AMAZING), and I asked to go to get me out of the house. My mom gave me a little bit of money so if I saw a book I could get one. You see where this is going – right?

I bought the Goblet of Fire and then returned the third book to the library. The Librarian asked me why I wasn’t taking the other book, and I told her that I couldn’t wait so I bought it over the weekend. A few short days after I started reading Goblet of Fire, my mom and I went to Barnes and Noble and then bought the last books I needed – knowing I was going to blow through them. And I did.

After I finished a book I would then watch the movie – after I finished the first one so quickly and then the second my mom ended up just getting me the 6 DVD set (because at the time those were the only ones that were out). I think that watching movie after reading the book is what really made it for me.

Now, back to how this helped shape me into… me. I will 100% say to the day I die that Harry Potter is the entire reason that I am so interested in making movies and video production. To me, reading a book and then seeing the magic come alive on screen is just the best thing in the world and made me so happy, so I wanted to learn everything I could about making movies and writing and production in hopes that one day, something I make will make someone else as happy as Harry Potter made me that first time I watched it and still makes me, to this day.

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