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30 Day Character Challenge

30 Day Character Challenge: Day 2

Hello everyone and here we are for day two! This one is an easy one for me since I’ve had many fandoms and many favorite characters.

2. A character from a previous favorite fandom

There were a lot of different answers I could have used, but honestly, after thinking, this character was the only true person I could ever use for this.

See my answer below the cut!

Like 95% of teenage girls…. I was into Twilight. And oh lord, I loved Edward.

I was one of those awkward looking teenagers who wore the Team Edward shirt around and a bunch of other Twilight gear thinking I looked cool and fit in. When in reality I looked ridiculous and got made fun of.

I fully blame Twilight for my current fandom obsession. it was truly one of the first things I ever included myself in. So I guess the world has Twilight to blame for me becoming a crazy fanatic about everything I like.

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