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30 Day Character Challenge

30 Day Character Challenge: Day 4

Hello everyone! And here we are at day 4 of the character challenge. This one almost didn’t get itself up, but I’ve made it work and here we are:

4. A character who acts like you

This one was hard. But also easy. But also hard.

Yes, it is Jessica again. Because as I mentioned yesterday, I can relate to her. We’re both outwardly blunt, swear too much, like a drink (she more than I), have little friends and we have our issues.

Jessica uses her attitude as a front to her problems. She hopes that if she has a major attitude problem that maybe people won’t want to talk to her and she won’t have to put up with them. Which usually never ends up being the case for Jessica, as for some reason there are people out there who want to fix the broken and the exhausted.

Somehow this has turned into a Jessica Jones post more than about the actual day’s prompt. But whatever. My point still stands, my friends.

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