Marvel Heroes that Define Me

This post is inspired by this Daily Inkling. Yeah, haven’t heard those words in a while, have you? Thanks Matt! Reading that inkling, I thought…


This post is inspired by this Daily Inkling. Yeah, haven’t heard those words in a while, have you? Thanks Matt!

Reading that inkling, I thought that there would be no better way to do this post that I’ve been wanting to do: rank my favorite Marvel heroes. I love all Marvel superheroes in their own way, but I do have a top 5 and a solid top 3. The last 2 in the top 5 can easily be booted out with new heroes but my top 3 stays the same.

Anyways, without further ado, we’re gonna start at 5 and work our way down to the finale (which everyone probably already knows, but whatever).

5. Captain America

The star-spangled man with a plan sits at number 5 on my list. He isn’t my favorite, but he deserves a spot on the list for all the things he did in Endgame and throughout the rest of the movies. He just wanted what was right for the people of the world and in the end, he was able to achieve that.

Even though he done fucked up a few times in the process. But at least now we have him partially to thank for the America’s Ass meme, aka one of the best lines in the MCU.

4. Loki

What’s not to love about a little British asshole? The god of mischief has rightfully earned his way into my top 5. I don’t believe he’s 100% evil – he just lives up to his title. He’s done bad things – but haven’t all of the Avengers? He was there when Thor needed the help in Dark World and pulled out all the stops in Ragnorok to save Asgard. He even got himself killed trying to protect everybody from Thanos.

I am a firm believer in Loki not being classified as a villain in any of the movies from Dark World onward. From then on he grew into himself and realized that he was wrong in his own twisted little way. He still wanted to be king, but he knew he had to help so that he would actually have people to rule over rather than a destroyed realm.

3. Wonder Woman

Please don’t crucify me. I know it says Marvel heroes in the title and literally everywhere else… but my top 5 heroes has Diana Prince in it. Since the list is still majority Marvel, I felt like it was a little more alright to title the list Marvel.

Wonder Woman is in my list of top 5 superhero movies. Because she is fucking incredible. Wonder Woman broke down the barrier of ‘female superheroes will not be successful solo’ – which is a stupid thing to believe to begin with but she done went and proved them all wrong.

Without Wonder Woman, I don’t think we would have other female heroes like Black Widow. She was released first in 1941, so I believe I have her to thank.

2. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

I’ve said in previous posts that she was my second favorite character – mainly both of my Endgame posts (here and here), so this should come at no surprise. She’s one of the few characters I have cosplayed and felt confident. To me, she’s the relatable big sister I’ve always wanted. She doesn’t take anyone’s bull shit and gets the job done – whatever it takes.


1. The Winter Solider/White Wolf/Bucky Barnes

You all knew this was coming, right? Between me screaming about him during my Endgame posts and meeting Sebastian Stan and crying on the ground for 20 minutes afterwards, this should be a no brainer. I love Bucky Barnes. I will lay down my life for Bucky Barnes. I am Captain of the Bucky Barnes Defense Squad. Bucky Barnes is absolutely not a villain – he was brainwashed by Hydra to believe that what he was doing was right. He was controlled or beaten if he disobeyed.

As you can see, I have a thing for people who are supposed to be bad guys but are actually good – as you can see by Loki being number 4 on the list.

That’s gonna do it for this one! Who are your top 5 superheroes of all time? Would you like to see me do more of these top 5 lists? I am definitely going to do Top 5 Marvel movies – but I wanna hear if you think I should do other ones.

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