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30 Day Character Challenge

30 Day Character Challenge: Day 28

We’re nearing the finish line, people! 2 more days and we’ll be back to our regularly some-what scheduled posting!

28. A character you absolutely hate

This is so easy. I hate a lot of characters, but this bitch sits at top.

Cersi Lannister should have died way more painfully than she did, because she was the absolute worst character on that whole god damn show.

Sure, Joffrey was awful. Ramsay was too, but Cersi was just cruel and spineless. For christ sake, she killed her son’s wife in an explosion that killed hundreds of others. Which then led to him killing himself – why was she shocked?! Sure I was sad when Tommen died because he was actually decent but Cersi earned her god damn misery with that one.

I am happy she died, but I wanted Jaime to stab her through the heart or something. She deserved a death like that. Not those god damn rocks.

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