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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Legendaries Revealed!

I totally wasn’t gonna post today, because I had something go up yesterday and need to finish something for Friday… but then Pokemon Sword & Shield released the Legendaries, the release date, and a load of other Pokemon and information I told myself “Alyssa, you’ve been posting daily for a month. What’s one extra day to scream about Pokemon?!”

So here I am. We’re gonna scream about Pokemon. AGAIN.

If you haven’t watched the Direct, you can watch it here. I’m probably gonna forget things and leave stuff out.

Short note: I’m writing this an hour before work so excuse me if there are typos I missed or if the quality goes downhill from here. But gotta get it out, you know?

Pokemon Sword & Shield release date

First thing first, the release date and what I’m most excited about. The game releases November 19, 2019 in a global worldwide release, meaning that EVERYBODY is gonna get the game on November 19.

You can also pre-order a BUNDLE version where you can get both games. I’m highly considering getting both. Like, I shouldn’t be considering it since I’d be happy with Sword only, but like…. BOTH!!! The only issue I see is that the double pack is $120. That’s quite a lot of money. So I’ll have to think on it.

Now, onto the fun things.

SO MANY NEW POKEMON!! Like, holy crap!! We get the names of a few of them but in the trailer it is obvious that there are going to be so many new Pokemon that I don’t think we’ll be seeing many old ones.

At first I thought it was going to be ONLY new Pokemon but then I saw in the video a Butterfree, so there went that one. Which is still ok with me honestly, because either way we’re still getting new Pokemon.

There is this new feature called Dynamax – aka your Pokemon gets massive and is now more powerful than before. And that seems pretty freakin rad, honestly. You can only use it for 3 turns and then your Pokemon goes back to being regular size, so thats kinda good because it means people won’t be able to just Dynamax repeatedly.

Pokemon Sword & Shield legendary pokemon

Now onto the fun part: the two new Legendary Pokemon for Sword and Shield! Zacian and Zamazenta are two new dog looking Pokemon that will each be featured in presumably their own game.

I think they look pretty awesome. They’re supposed to play a bigger role in the games than just being a legendary you wanna catch, so I’m excited to see how that goes. The only thing I dislike right now is that in order to get both you have to get the separate games it seems. Which I mean, granted in Red, Yellow and Blue you only got one legendary per game, but in Let’s Go you could get all 3.

Either way, I’m still super-stocked about the game!! I’m gonna mull over the pre-order situation and probably will report back on Twitter with what I decide to do.

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