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The Levels of Sisterhood

This post has been a long time coming. I’m finally finding the time to write about my two best friends and how it’s been for me to leave them.

Making friends is hard. Some people have an easier time than others and find themselves having a lot of different and interesting friends, while others prefer a smaller circle of friends. I am that second person. I have loads of friends in a small circle, but above all there are two that are on boss/sister level.

I am here to introduce you to Dakota and Rayne – my two sisters. But we’re gonna describe our friendship in levels like a video game. Just to make it interesting.

Warning: I call my friends bitches a lot. It’s a sign of my love.


I told her that I wouldn’t call her a bitch too much, so here goes that. I’ve been friends with Dakota for like, 15 years or something. I lost track, she probably knows and will end up texting it to me after she reads this and I’ll end up editing it in.

She will be the maid of honor at my wedding. There is no competition. It is a fact and I wouldn’t think of anyone else. Cause she knows me better than anyone else does.

Level One – Baseball

Dakota and I met through baseball. Not kidding. My little brother was on her dad’s baseball team when he was like, 5 or 6 or something. She and her mother went to games and that’s how we met.

I remember getting our dog Angel and being excited to bring her to the baseball field to show Dakota. We had just picked her up and I had been holding her all day and petting her and playing with her. Turns out she didn’t go that game.

Thanks a lot, bitch.

Level Two – Middle School

My brother only played for the one year, so after that, I didn’t see her again. Until the first day of sixth grade, we were in the same homeroom. And as a shock to me, I was the one who went up and talked to her first. Which is incredible, cause I don’t do that shit anymore.

I asked her if her dad coached baseball, and she said yes, and then I said my brother used to play for him. And the rest after that is history.

We stayed attached at the hip throughout all of middle school and then only slightly drifted in high school – because we did different trades so we made different friends.

Sister Level – The Rest is History

Dakota and I don’t need to talk every day to be friends. We’re not like that. We’re both mature enough to know that we have our own lives and other friends and when we can make time to talk, we do.


What’s unique about Rayne and I is that we became sisters literally over the course of weeks. We just clicked quickly and easily and within days of finding out that we lived minutes apart I was spending all day at her place when I wasn’t working and sleeping over her place more than my own.

We bonded over both having only brothers and being the only girl and having little to no friends where we lived (all of mine were in Boston where I went to school) so it was pretty much fate that we became what we are.

Level One – Tumblr

We met on tumblr. That should be a red flag, but considering at the time I was coding forum themes and putting them for sale on there, it wasn’t. I had posted a skin that was pink and bright and girly and Rayne wanted it to be the complete opposite of what I coded.

We DMed on discord and I would work on it while we chatted on voice and whatnot. We ended up getting along really quickly and after the skin was done I stayed on as a coder for their forum. And I wasn’t good – she just needed someone to do the things.

And then we discovered that we lived in the same god damn city.

Level Two – OMG, I live there too!

I don’t exactly remember how it came to be, but I was talking about how I lived in Massachusetts and then she said that she did, and then me having 0 fucks blurted the city.

And that’s when she said she lived there too. As soon as she gave me the general area of where she lived, I knew exactly where she was. We met up the next day and like I said above, I spent more time at her house than I did my own that whole summer.

Just for a timeframe: she DMed me at the end of May for coding, and by June I had met her. I moved in September. I literally spent almost every day at Rayne’s.

Sister Level – “post that video or so help me”

I talk to Rayne almost every day. It doesn’t matter what the topic is about. If she calls me I pick up and we talk for hours. We rage over Splatoon 2 together and I scream at her to post her Youtube covers.

Fun fact: Rayne started a blog!! If you like healthy eating and good looking food, follow her here!! She also sings beautifully.

This took forever cause I’m not good with personal stuff and trying to express how I feel. In person I’m not really emotional so I feel like if I get emotional over writing, people are gonna think I’m bullshitting. But these two ladies are my rock and the ones that I can always count on to be there for me, even if I am 1300 miles away now.

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    I hear you. I find making friends as an adult is much more difficult.

    June 11, 2019 at 7:48 pm
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