Sims 4 Island Living First Thoughts

Hello everyone! I took a small week off of writing to play video games and get myself ready and whatnot for what I have to…


Hello everyone! I took a small week off of writing to play video games and get myself ready and whatnot for what I have to come. Let’s talk about the Sims 4 Island Living.

It came out on June 21st at midnight EST (for me) and I immediately downloaded it first thing in the morning when I woke up. I was up early that morning for god knows what reason so I played before work and then started recording for my Youtube channel when I got off of work.

In Island Living you can live out your beach paradise dreams and live in a beach house that goes into the water and swim in an oceanic paradise with dolphins. Live the culture of Sulani by making friends with the locals and make your 5 year old dreams come true by making your Sims-self into a mermaid. The last time I talked about this it had just been announced here and now we have it.

Read more about Sims 4 Island Living and get some sneak-peak screenshot’s of my newest Let’s Play under the cut. If you don’t want any gameplay or the world spoiled than this is absolutely not for you.

Sims 4 Island Living

By the time this post comes out the first episode in the series will be out on my Youtube channel, so follow along here if you want or take a peek at it below! I am going to try to not spoil to much of my Let’s Play in this but no promises.

I forgot to take screenshots of CAS so please forgive me and just watch that video if you want to see the new items in CAS for the pack. I built both of these characters pretty much exclusively using Island Living items.

We have here Jai’Lani and Aladdin Su Dan! Jai’Lani loves the water and the land and loves to spend her time outdoors while Aladdin is athletic and likes to be in the land as well.

He is named Aladdin because the Sims added in a pair of pants that is VERY reminiscent of what the Disney character wears. You’ll see at some point in the video above. There’s also a ton of outfits that are very Lilo-equse and Moana-esque.

a crappy screenshot taken from my let’s play of the main family in the series.

They’re cute, right? I wanted to make them mermaids but already made Jai’Lani when I realized I couldn’t change the type of Sim she was. So she’ll just have to eat the kelp shit in the series to become one. So when making your Sim, if you want them to be a mermaid, you need to add them manually from the occult menu.

Thankfully I remade my simself into a mermaid so I’ll just put those screenshots in so you can see what that looks like in CAS.

— lol i forgot to do it i’m an idiot —

In build mode, there are a ton of new island-themed items! Not only that but you can put your house on stilts now – which is a base game update, by the way. There are colorful wallpapers and stuff that are really fun to use and new flooring as well. There’s a roof pattern that is very island-like and a roof trim that actually has an underneath to it, adding a little more dimension to the trim.

You can also extend foundations/decks over the water so that your Sims can directly just climb down and go swimming. The detail in this pack with stuff like this is awesome, it really makes you feel like you can give your Sims a proper beach fantasy.

Sims 4 Island Living Build Mode

The start of this house build will be up on my Youtube channel tomorrow, with the completed version going up on Friday. But if you want to spoil it for yourself you can download it on the Sims 4 gallery by searching my username alyssaforeverx.

Now, onto actual gameplay. Which admittedly, I haven’t been able to do a whole lot of because of work and recording for this series. But what I have been able to do has been fun.

Let’s start with the thing that impresses me the most and the thing that I love the most that they added: conservationism. In Sulani, garbage will appear in the ocean and on the beaches just like in real life now. Your Sims can go and clean up the mess and make their world clean.

The more you clean, the more lush and beautiful the world is. The less you clean, the more it effects the world. Jai’Lani went to clean up some trash on the beach and it was overcast and shortly after she finished the sun came out.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of garbage in the world and while I like it, it also saddens me because they said they made it kind of like a reflection of the real world.

If this upsets you as much as it upsets me, than you are in luck! You can become a conversationist and help save Sulani – either you can work for the land or become a marine biologist. Save Sulani! (and our actual planet too, btw)

There are also a lot of new fun part-time jobs that you can take up! Lifeguarding, diving, babysitting, etc. You can do odd-jobs to earn extra money as well.

Now let’s talk about mermaids in-game. They swim beautifully and befriend dolphins. The one above is named Moana, because why not. Mermaids have powers and can change the weather and do Siren’s Kisses and stuff to others which I haven’t done to much of myself yet. Have I mentioned dolphins yet???

Also yes, everybody has made the Little Mermaid already.

Before we go, the one thing I wish this pack had included was something like hotels. That way in other save files where I’ve already established gameplay I could maybe have my Sims vacation there or something. But with what else came with the pack, I can deal with this happening.

In short, if you have the money to splurge and want to live out your mermaid fantasy, get this pack. The world is stunning and there are so many new things that you can do with it.

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