The Monthly: June 2019

Hello friends, and welcome to June’s recap! It was a pretty exciting month for my personal life but I also had some struggles, mostly within…


Hello friends, and welcome to June’s recap! It was a pretty exciting month for my personal life but I also had some struggles, mostly within myself. You may have noticed since I haven’t really written a whole heck of a lot in the past two weeks or so. I’ll go more into detail under the Life section, since that is what that is for anyway.

Also, if you have not seen on social media – we are aiming for #100nerds (followers) by my birthday of July 19th. We are currently at 90!! So we have 19 days to get me to 100 which would be awesome, and halfway to my goal of 200 followers by the end of the year.

Anyway – let’s just get on with it.


This month, I got some pretty good news at work – but I’m not going to share that QUITE yet just incase anything ends up changing. I doubt it will change – but you never know. Stay tuned to October to find out that. (see? incentive!)

Other than that I’ve been spending almost every waking hour of my life either working, playing the Sims 4, or staring into the empty void of my drafts folder and wanting to die because I can’t find words to write.

I don’t want to classify whatever is going on in my head as burnout. I’m gonna get comments like “you idiot your burnt out stop it” but at the same time do I really wanna classify myself under that when I’m pumping out Youtube content fine? I feel like I’m all good on the video front – I spend a lot of my time playing Sims anyways so doing the Youtube thing right now doesn’t feel like I’m pushing it.

That probably made absolutely no sense at all. I think the long story short of that is that I am trying to find a balance between Youtube and blogging. I’m thinking of doing more in-depth Sims stuff on here that kind of relates to what I’m posting, but I’m not entirely sure how I’m gonna do that.

I know I’ve got a good schedule in mind – Youtube on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Blog on Tuesday and Thursday. I just need to keep up with the content far enough in advance and I feel like that is what’s killing me. But if I want to attempt to gain more a following I need to be consistent and it’s driving me nuts that I can’t get myself to do that. I’ve been doing this for a while so I feel like I should be way further in terms of that than I am.

I also need to stop comparing myself to other people. That is another thing that is putting in this slump – seeing people who have been doing this a shorter time than I be mega successful and stuff. Which don’t get me wrong; I am so happy for them because we all deserve to be successful cause we all work hard.

My stupid brain just tells me “Obviously you’re just not good enough then.”

In due time I’ll figure my shit out.

Fan Culture

This section is disturbingly empty this month as I haven’t really seen any movies or watched anything on TV. Sorry, friends. In July we have a lot of fun and exciting things happening (SAN DEIGO COMIC CON!!) so it will be more full then.


It was an exciting month for gaming with all the E3 panels and announcements! I’m not going to list all of them but I am going to link you my reaction post to the Nintendo Direct so you can see that and get a good laugh.

In the month of June the Sims 4 announced and released the Sims 4 Island Living and it is literally all that I have been playing. I have a Let’s Play going on my Youtube channel and for your viewing pleasure I have linked the playlist below:

Harry Potter Wizards Unite also came out…. finally. A review of that was supposed to go up last Thursday… but that didn’t happen like I wanted it too, so hopefully it comes out this Thursday instead.

Well, that’s been my month! I’m sorry the first section got a bit ranty – but now I feel a lot better. Just bear with me while I figure out my writing stuff but in the meantime feel free to enjoy my Youtube stuff.

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  1. I’m with you on the comparison stuff. It’s hard not to compare with all the social media, blog, and vlogs out there. Just try to remember that you bring something to the table that no one else can, simply by being you ❤️ Can’t wait to read about your time at Comic Con!

    1. It is very hard to remember that we each bring something unique when we see others succeeding so quickly doing what we think is the same thing. Everyone moves at their own pace!

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