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Sunshine Blogger Award: Games Edition

Hello everyone! Recently I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Kelly at Why We Play Games! Thank you so much for the nomination!

I’ve been nominated for this several times that now I’m at the point where I need to change up my titles so that they’re not all so confusing.

Also – THANK YOU FOR 100 FOLLOWERS!! As a woman of my word, 100 Characters for 100 Followers will be coming out. Right now its drafted for the beginning of August to give myself time to think of 100 characters. It means so much to me that we managed to hit it 1 day after the blogs birthday and days earlier than my own birthday. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Anyways, let’s get on with it!

Now before we get in to it, she said that we can change any of these to be games OR movies and TV/anime. Which I am thankful for because as everyone knows, I don’t game a whole hell of a lot.

What is your favorite theme song from a video game?


yes i know thats the show theme song but listen let me live ok

What is your favorite video game soundtrack?

It’s always going to be the Stardew Valley soundtrack. It’s so calming and makes me want to go to sleep…. which is a good thing care rarely do I ever comfortably sleep nowadays.

What is your favorite video game genre?

I think most people know this, but RPGs.

What is your favorite place in a video game?

Sulani in the Sims 4 is a god damn dream. I love it so much!

What is your least favorite place in a video game?

I suppose I don’t have one. So I’ll go with TV: the upsidedown. Place gives me the creeps.

What video game did you find visually stunning such as the landscapes or the art style?

I mean…. the Sims 4 Island Living blew my god damn pants off.

What video game food would you like to try?

I can’t think of any, so none?

What is your favorite video game series?

Again…. the Sims 4. Although Pokemon comes up next. It’s a head-to-head battle for me.

What fictional game character would you like to hang out with?

I’d like to hang out with the whole gang from Stardew Valley. I’d be great friends with Abigail, I’d try to hit on both Sebastian and Alex and I’d goof off with Sam.

What deceased video game character would you bring back to life?

This one I don’t know so I’ll say movies: NATASHA ROMANOFF.

What abandoned video game series would you like to see come back?

Once more, I’m not sure about this – but even in other things I’m not sure because I have a lot of things I like but thankfully they’re still very much alive. Harry Potter is done but that doesn’t count to me.

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    I love your answers and I’m also a big fan of JRPGs!

    July 16, 2019 at 10:05 am
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