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Sims 4 Moschino Pack Review

Hello everybody! This was supposed to be out last week but Sims dropped another pack and I didn’t want to do 2 Sims posts in my week so here we are, a week later. Its been a while since I’ve actually done a review on anything and in true me style, I’m going to be talking about the Sims.

There’s actually a lot behind this pack and a lot of people have mixed reviews on it – as with most Sims packs that aren’t University (which is not out, or said to be out). If you aren’t in the Sims community than you probably don’t know about it, nor do you care, but I’m going to explain anyway.

So if you want to hear my thoughts on the pack and all the drama surrounding it, keep on reading!

You wouldn’t even believe the amount of bullshit going around on this pack. It all started a few months ago when it was announced that Moschino (a high end fashion brand) and the Sims were collaborating on a real life clothing collection. My first initial thought was that it was kind of cool, but also stupid – seeing as most people can’t even afford to buy the clothing to support this collaboration. That was the thought of most people online as well. They disagreed with it because they felt like it excludes most of the users of the game. Which it does. Plus most of the clothing is hideous anyways, minus the bathing suit which I would actually consider buying if it wasn’t over $300 for it.

Shortly after the collection released in a free patch update we got Moschino hoodies in the game as well as a freelancer career. The hoodies are cute and all with the freezer bunny and what not but once more, people were displeased because the writing on the hoodie is English and not Simlish. Some people it bothers, some people it doesn’t bother.

So that died down and then EA Play came around and they announced a stuff pack between the two and once more, people were displeased. They didn’t tell us a whole lot about it so many of us were just like “Cool they’re bringing the clothes to the game that’s neat” and ended it at that. Everyone still voiced their displeasures and complained to no end.

And then the deep-dive happened two weeks ago. Everything changed after that.

There had been a trailer and still no one really liked it, but the Gurus did a deep dive on Twitch and went REALLY into the pack and everyone lost their god damn minds. If you wanna watch the deep dive you can actually just go to Twitch and watch the Deep Dive here.

In short, basically everyone changed their minds and lost their minds when they saw the Build/Buy Mode items and in short, saw that we were getting way more than we normally do for the price we pay. But with that, there were still people who complained.

The complaining stemmed from the fact that they implied it was going to be a fashion pack, i.e more Create a Sim (CAS) items like hair and clothing and whatnot. While the pack does lack in CAS objects, they majorly make up for it in Build Mode.

We got some beautiful geometric wallpapers and rounded windows, along with massive windows that come with an option to have the window OPEN. It’s all very rustic and modern looking which makes my heart happy – and I really don’t do modern builds cause I’m not quite good at them.

We have black and white couches and matching swatches for almost everything plus the new fashion photographer career and a whole photography studio set. I haven’t played around a lot with the photographer career yet but the buy stuff it gives us is so cool. We have a digital backdrop and just a plain old backdrop.

So with all that being said, what do I actually think of the pack? Honestly, I like it. I think CAS should have been better but I can’t really complain about it because of what we got with everything else. The Build/Buy is just absolutely perfect and unlike anything we had before. I want to overuse those circular windows. I will over use them. I can see it now.

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