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In a Perfect World

Today’s post is actually a really fun inkling I received in the mail from Matt at Normal Happenings. Since I am a $5 over Patron of them I receive an inkling in the mail every month (for the most part – except when life happens). I have FOUR of these to do. This one came back in May and it is now September.

So I’ll be catching up on these Inklings. Hopefully. This one already is two weeks later than I wanted it to be so we’ll see what actually happens.

Anyways, to see the prompt and the response read below the cut!

I feel like this is a wonderful time for me to reflect on what the hell I want to do in life. Because lately it appears that I actually don’t know what the hell I want to do anymore. Well, I do, but I can’t get to it.

I always told myself that I was going to start from the bottom, work my way up, and direct a Marvel movie (specifically Black Widow). While there is still a .001% chance of that happening, realistically that can’t happen. We all know it won’t. I’m just being an idiot who day dreams way to much.

So in terms of the actual prompt, if given the opportunity I’d like to direct a major-motion picture anywhere in the realm of Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That is the dream. If I could snap my fingers and do something then that would be what I would want to do. I can’t do specifically Black Widow anymore since that one was taken, but any of those franchises is okay with me.

And I know everyone who has ever existed and was lucky enough to have their dreams be their realities have always said “Anyone can do it you just have to work hard!!!” but like – I firmly believe it’s luck. Those people are lucky that they were chosen for what they were. Hard work sure does play a role, but if hardwork was rewarded with everyones hopes and dreams and what not EVERYONE would be happy.

This is a mess and I’m going to stop now since I have 3 more of these at least to answer. Thanks for tuning in and hopefully it doesn’t take me 2 weeks next time to answer these.

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