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The Monthly: September 2019

Yes – I am aware that on the date of publication it is still September. I have something ELSE fun coming tomorrow and didn’t want to double post, so here we are with this one day early.

I can assure you, nothing else exciting will happen in my life between today and tomorrow. And if it does, you can all yell at me on Twitter.

I have a lot to talk about this month for once, so let’s get started!


Let me tell you, I have never been more stressed in my entire life than I was in August and September. I was stressed in August due to some other personal things that I don’t want to get to into and I was stressed in September due to other things with work and life.

The short version is I almost moved back home but the happy version is that I get to celebrate one year in Florida and at my job IN FLORIDA with a rad promotion (and raise thank god) coming to me in January.

Your girl is a COORDINATOR, ya’ll!! I coordinate things!! (In January but the way I work I kinda been doing it for a while now)

It’s still as stressful as ever because of the work that I do, but we only have until November before we have a few months of peace, which means I also have until November before I get to actually go home and visit my family which is much needed.

I was going to make a long post reflecting on my year in Florida but thanks to these Monthly’s I really don’t need to. It’s been hard. Really hard. And it’s going to be HARDER. (The raise is good and will help me cover rent and my school loans…. but thats about all it covers.) I have to get a second job to be able to survive, but I honestly wouldn’t trade it at all. I love my life, I’m happy (for the most part). And it’s taken me a really long time to get there.

Also, I am discovering if blondes do indeed have more fun, as I have dyed my hair blonde. So far am I have a little bit more fun than before and everyone at work is telling me that this is the “new and improved me” and everyone likes it. To see my journey follow me on my personal instagram.

Is this the new and improved me? Find out in November when the October monthly comes out.

Fan Culture

Will Lucasfilm marketing ever release new content for Star Wars? It doesn’t seem like it and honestly that is pretty much all I’ve been waiting for in my life.

We did get a peak at some new toys from the movie on Triple Force Friday on the 26th but they were very much lacking of Kylo Ren and therefore, not entirely pleasing to me.

Though I do want that new D-O robot. It will match perfectly with my little BB8 robot and they can be best buddies. But I’ll wait till it goes on sale and save myself some dollars.


I rage quit part of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 during the hurricane I mentioned last month. I’m stuck on Mysterio and I can’t beat him and it’s annoying the piss out of me. So if anyone’s got any tips, please share before I throw something.

Realm of Magic came out for the Sims 4 and I haven’t stopped playing it since. My Youtube channel is flooded with Sims videos cause I can’t stop making them. Or rather, I can but I also can’t. I’m having a though time trying to manage my time.

That’s about all I got for September. I’ll see you tomorrow and next month for the next monthly!!

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    Congrats on the promotion!

    September 30, 2019 at 3:07 pm
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    Yay promotion!

    September 30, 2019 at 7:27 pm
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