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30 Day Geek Out Challenge: Day 2

Hello everyone and welcome to day 2! Thank you for the kind words and responses on social media about doing this challenge – really keeps me motivated to keep going.

Today was a hard one. I expect for me they’ll get a lot harder as I find challenges difficult to do cause I’m not interesting enough to fit all the prompts.

If you want to follow along with this challenge go read my introduction post here as well as all the prompts. Let’s get started!

Today is: What is your most recent fandom?

It took me SO LONG to find an answer to this just cause I haven’t really been into anything ‘new’ lately cause I’ve been so hooked on my usual fandoms.

So I’m just gonna say Star Wars and call it a day, cause while it isn’t a new fandom of mine I have been diving deeper into the fandom itself, meeting new friends on Twitter, writing more, reading more, etc. So that part is new to me.

I’ve been delving into new ships and fanfiction and really reading a lot of the crazy theories going around online about the relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren – which I am proud to say I am not 100% opposed to.

But I would still be happy if Rey was left single in the end cause she’s an independent woman who don’t need no man.

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