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The Mandalorian: Chapter Three

Hello everyone and welcome back! This week’s episode was so so intense and I have a lot to talk about! It’s also 8:45pm the night before this is supposed to go out and I’ve been packing all day and by the time you read this I’ll be at the airport so let’s DO THIS!

update: it’s now the next day and i’m still writing i am awful at this

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

This episode was the best one yet. It started to show you that our Mandalorian, our beloved newfound father has a bigger heart than he probably should. He’s still being that strict person, telling the child to not do this or that to stop attaching himself to it, but he managed to start caring for it for some reason.

I mean I would kill and care for that baby Yoda too. He isn’t alone on that.

He gave back the Child to the person who hired him but it didn’t sit right with him. He missed the presence of the child around him and felt guilty for thinking of what they could do to the poor thing. He got paid a good hunk of money and got some shiny new armor but when he went to get his next job he was still concerned about what was going to happen to the child. They said not to worry about it anymore and that it was breaking the code.

So he broke code and went and wrecked their shit to get his child back. And his fellow Mandalorian hunters helped him out. And then they got back on his ship and he let the little baby chew on the thing he told him not to chew on earlier in the episode.

This was by far one of the most interesting ones yet. And better yet A WOMAN DIRECTED IT!!!! Yup, a woman directed this episode and it was AMAZING!

I can’t wait for next weeks episode! It’s going to be a fun one and I can’t wait because we will be able to finally meet the two newest lady characters!! Woohoo!

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