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The Monthly: November 2019

I was supposed to pre-write this, but here I am on November 30th, head fuzzy with cold medicine, in my fuzzy jammies back home in Massachusetts, writing this post.

I have 3 Blogmas ideas slated for the first three days that I also need to write, so in other words I need to get on with talking about my month so I can get on to at least starting tomorrow’s post.


As I have said, at the moment I am back home. I fly back to Florida on Monday for about maybe 3 weeks before I’m back for the holidays and an even longer vacation, which is nice.

I can officially say that I have failed NaNoWriMo – but also honestly, I probably did write 50k words this month, but not 50k of the same thing. I’m going to go a little more into detail on Tuesday with this in that post, so stay tuned for that.

But I have been writing more and other than that, other than remembering to wash my face almost every day for once and getting a new iPad, nothing has happened.

Fan Culture

If something else has happened I couldn’t tell you what it is cause my head is so far up the ass of Star Wars that I can barely see the light of day.

And yes, I’m admitting it.

New clips, articles, Adam Driver on the cover of Rolling Stone that’s absolutely ruining me…. if it’s not Star Wars, Alyssa probably doesn’t care about it right now.

Catch me up down below!


I have been playing Pokemon Sword almost non-stop. I have actually not beaten it yet, sadly not surpassing my 4 day record of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. But, this game also came out at a time for me where I’m more busy than normal.

And I can’t get past the fighting type gym leader so I’m just grinding my team up to a higher level for now.

Other than that I picked up Zelda: Breath of the Wild finally on Black Friday (it was only $40!) and eventually I will start to play that as well. Let’s hope I like it.

Once more, this category will be changing. I just need an idea as to what category it will become in the new year.

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