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The Mandalorian: Chapter Four

I love this show. I love it. Love it. This one was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard and it was amazing. I’m already shipping.

Honestly it’s going to be a bit of a short one. I don’t really have much to say plus right now it’s a tad bit busy so we’re just going to get on with it.

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

So our dude Mando is going off to another planet to hide out on for a bit, after the fiasco at the end of the last episode. He picks something that is dead perfect for the two of them and lands the ship, walking to a place to eat.

We finally meet one of the females that we were told was going to be in the show: Cara Dune. I love her already cause when they first meet she hands him his ass sideways only to be interrupted by Baby Yoda slurping some soup.

Some villagers recruit the Mando and Cara Dune to help stop some raiders in exchange for lowkey housing. We meet Omera and her daughter Winta and Omera is the only person in the whole village who can shoot a blaster (which I love).

Baby Yoda made friends with all the village children and the Mando was a protective dad, again. He played with them all The little guy was very happy in the village and the Mando almost left him there, except he found a bounty hunter going after him so decided that it was going to be a good idea to take him away from the villagers in hopefully even more isolation.

In conclusion: I’m shipping the Mando and Omera and I don’t care what anyone says. I want them to make beautiful babies and live happily ever after once this is all over.

With Baby Yoda.

So until next time! I’ll see you tomorrow and then next Monday for the new episode.

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