Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Welcome to the Sequel Trilogy! The Star Wars as we currently watching! So much fun!…


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Welcome to Star Wars Week – where every day this week there will be a new blog post summarizing/reviewing/talking about every single movie in the Skywalker Saga! We are starting with the Phantom Menace and will go all the way through to finally The Rise of Skywalker next Friday. For times sake we are excluding Rogue One and Solo, so I am sorry if you wanted to see those in the line up. If you missed a post in the series fear not, just click on Star Wars under the Geek category and they will all be there for you to see!

Welcome to the Sequel Trilogy! The Star Wars as we currently watching! So much fun! These are some of my favorite films of the series. I swear I will try to not make this all about Kylo Ren, but I give no promises if he takes over most of it.

I did review this way back when it first came out and if you want to see that, click here! Some opinions have changed (by same I mean my whole theory bit I have) & the writing quality is definitely different.

Obviously, this movie is an establishing movie. Not really to establish Star Wars, but to establish our new main characters and our new focuses.

We meet Rey, Finn and Poe who are being categorized as the new trio of the trilogy. We also meet Kylo Ren, the main ‘antagonist’ of the series. I have that in quotes only because in this movie he really is the antagonist but in the next one, it’s not really him as much.

For this movie’s sake, he’s big baddie #1. And that’s coming from me, ultimate Kylo Ren Fan #1 and “He’s never done anything wrong in life (kinda)”. He did a lot of things wrong in this movie (kill his father, try to torture Rey in the force, throw Rey against a tree with the force, nearly kill Finn, etc.) and I love him anyway because I have a thing for awful tall dark and handsome men.

When he took that mask off… oh lordy lord. I don’t understand how in this movie, Kylo Ren looks like the kind of guy who says “I’ll have her home by 9pm, sir.” and then in the next one he looks like he’s the guy who says “Your daughter calls me daddy too.” I literally do not understand it but thank you Adam Driver. Just thank you.

This movie establishes that there is a whole new war going on between the Resistance and the First Order – the light and the dark, essentially. The Resistance is lead by Leia Organa and the face of the First Order is Kylo Ren, ironically her son. We meet Poe Dameron who acts like Leia’s right hand man and Finn, rogue Stormtrooper who just wants to save Rey cause he has a crush on her (in this movie it is painfully obvious, no matter how much I ship Finn and Poe).

It establishes Rey’s force sensitivity, hence why she is the one to go find Luke in the hopes that he can train her.

I’ll never forget seeing the last scene of the movie in the theater. It literally took my breath away. The cinematography, the music, paired with Rey going to find the Luke Skywalker and her handing him his saber at the end of it all…. It was absolutely stunning.

Overall the Force Awakens is what reignited my love for Star Wars the most, it’s what got me into it more since this is the first one I can fully remember enjoying in a theater from start to finish.

We are in the home stretch! Tomorrow the blog is caught up on all currently released movies and I see The Rise of Skywalker! So come back tomorrow for The Last Jedi!

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