Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Here we are! We are at the end! This movie has been hyped up as…


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Welcome to Star Wars Week – where every day this week there will be a new blog post summarizing/reviewing/talking about every single movie in the Skywalker Saga! We are starting with the Phantom Menace and will go all the way through to finally The Rise of Skywalker next Friday. For times sake we are excluding Rogue One and Solo, so I am sorry if you wanted to see those in the line up. If you missed a post in the series fear not, just click on Star Wars under the Geek category and they will all be there for you to see!

Here we are! We are at the end! This movie has been hyped up as the end for two whole years now. JJ Abrams is in charge of ending a whole 9 movie saga. Did it work? Read on to see my thoughts on the movie.

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

I can not stress enough, turn back now if you did not see the movie. Literally, I don’t care if you clicked here being like “Maybe this time she won’t be as bad.” No. I have thoughts I need to get out.

I’ll start by prefacing that I did enjoy the movie. On a 1-10 scale, I give it a 6.5/7. It was fan service at it’s finest. However, there were a few things I disagreed with and we’ll start with that.

We see Palpatine in the first 5 minutes of the movie. I wish we had kept his reveal longer, but it starts with everyone knowing that he’s back. Kylo Ren finds out first cause he literally finds him to go and end him and the Resistance finds out after from their spy in the first order. I feel like an epic reveal in the second act would have been cool. Also, Hux was the spy and I almost yelled.

There’s a lot of shady shit about Poe going on in this movie that makes literally no sense. Its revealed that he was a spice runner (the Star War equivalent of a drug dealer) which I highly dislike considering in comics it’s been said that he was born into the rebellion and pretty much raised in it and now suddenly he’s a drug dealer? This one gets me the most mad.

Rose was completely sidelined. JJ ignored her entirely while writing this and I believe he probably only put her in the movie because Rian had made her. Jannah and Zori were also not as large of roles as everyone tried to believe them to be.

And now, finally, there was absolutely no need to kill Ben Solo. I understand it and I saw it coming, but considering he is my favorite character I saw that there was no need to kill him. He and Rey would have lived on together in happiness but instead they killed him to satisfy the angry fanboys. He crawled out of that pit, gave his life force to Rey to bring her back from the dead, finally had his first kiss and then literally dropped dead in her arms. But he did get redeemed before then so I guess I won in my wishes a little.

Now onto some positives.

First of all, Rey Palpatine? I love it. I think it’s interesting thats where she came from and it was something I was not expecting. Her lightsaber she builds at the end is absolutely bad-ass and gold! She also introduces herself as Rey Skywalker which I kind of like a bit because it shows that she chose her own family and destiny and didn’t fall down the path that Palpatine told her she would.

And Jedi Leia? Finally canon. I loved seeing Luke’s force ghost give Rey Leia’s lightsaber, it made my movie seeing that Leia did have a jedi training and know the force but just chose to not follow that path. Seeing that helped me make sense of why Leia was training Rey to be a Jedi and it made me really emotional.

Following that, Leia’s death was absolutely perfectly executed. She called out to her son in the force knowing what it would do to her, but also knowing what it would do to him. I am convinced that between that and Han coming out of his memory, it is what brought him back to the light. It was all just so powerful for me. I cried like a bitch, but powerful.

Lando is absolutely a gem. He’s just like old times and his reuniting with Chewie was adorable. He and Chewie go off to find allies to help fight Palpatine’s Star Destroyer army and come back with double the amount they have and that scene….. so powerful. Its that typical all hope was almost lost and then Lando comes.

There’s a scene towards the end, where Palpatine has sucked some juice out of Rey and Ben Solo. Ben tried to get up and go after him but Palpatine threw him down a pit (ironic). Rey lays there as Palpatine is coming back to full form and asks “Are you with me?” to the past Jedi and every single one of them comes back and talks to her. Obi Wan, Yoda, Mace, Ahsoka….. ANAKIN SKYWALKER. I cried. Legit tears.

And then she gets up and cooks his ass but it kills her in return. And then the stuff I mentioned earlier. I need to cut this short because I could go on forever about stuff in this movie, but I will now let you see it yourselves! There’s more with Finn, Poe, Rey, everyone.

Thank you for sticking around during Star Wars week and I hope that you enjoyed!! Leave me a comment down below if you saw the movie!

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