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The Monthly – December 2019

Hello and welcome to the last edition of the Monthly for 2019! Even though it’s coming out on the New Year so happy 2020!

I’m so happy I managed to keep up with doing these every month and didn’t miss a month. I will be renovating a category to I don’t know what yet but stay tuned next month to see that!

Let’s get on with December!


This month absolutely flew by. One moment it was Thanksgiving and the next I swear I was getting ready to go home for Christmas.

Not much happened, really. Well, that’s a little bit of a lie: this month I finally became a Florida resident. It was a headache and a half and I never want to do that all again because of how much of a headache it was. But now it feels good to just have it done and I don’t have to worry about it any further.

Besides that I didn’t do anything. Work is in slow season so all I’ve been doing is just binging shows while I accomplish things. I feel like Christmas snuck up on me this year – I thought it was further away than what it probably actually was. I had forgotten I was going home until like, 5 days before I needed to go home.

Fan Culture

This month The Rise of Skywalker came out! I did a whole week of Star Wars that you can see under the Star Wars tag to celebrate. I wrapped up my Mandalorian review series for the current season as well.

Besides that I finished watching Star Wars The Clone Wars which I absolutely loved and then started watching Star Wars Rebels soon after. I definitely like Clone Wars better than Rebels right now but I also haven’t watched a lot of the show to judge it yet.

Besides that, nothing happened. It was a slow month in nerd-dom for me and in life because of the holidays and it just being slow in general.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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