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The Year to Love Myself

Hello everyone. This post has been pushed back a week because I couldn’t find motivation to really write it last week. My blog writing mojo has been a little down lately, but now I think I’m finally ready to at least tackle this post.

I’m not going to go back and check on my last year’s goals and say how I did (though I did accomplish one of them, I think) because I’ve forgotten most of them or didn’t succeed.

This is the year of not looking back, but focusing on what’s going on right now and thinking about the future.

Last year I separated my personal goals and my blog goals. It was a big long list of follower goals, making a writing schedule, losing weight, traveling, etc.

This year the list is much simpler, and shorter.

Love myself a little more.

That’s it. Because under that simple statement, it can mean so many different things besides just the ‘simple’ trying to like myself more. It can mean so much more.

Loving myself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Loving my body for what it is. Loving my work for what it is. This may not make a lot of sense to some people, but for me at least it’s clear.

I have a habit of thinking less of myself than what I actually am. I think my work is shit compared to others, because I have a habit of comparing myself to other people.

This year we’re going to try to not do that.

So while I didn’t complete Blogmas, or while I haven’t been posting regularly like other bloggers, I need to tell myself more that’s okay. It’s okay to not be like others. It’s okay.

This year I’m going to work on my mental self, my physical self, and my creative self. I’m going to work on liking myself more. I’m going to work on getting myself to a physical point I want to be at. I’m going to work on my novels, learn to draw, and become a better editor.

I feel like if I can accomplish these I will also accomplish so much more this year.

Till next time.

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