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the title of the post it right! i finally wrote yesterday after i came back from my 4:00 class and posted an update at 11:30…


the title of the post it right! i finally wrote yesterday after i came back from my 4:00 class and posted an update at 11:30 PM for my story The Beauty Inside! For those of you who don’t know what its about, here’s the synopsis (its a newly written synopsis):

Princess Katerina Kriegel of Alfheim gets betrothed to Loki, Prince of Asgard. Loki, known for his tricks of magic on others, expects a fragile pretty girl who is a stereotypical princess. What he did not expect was pretty Katerina who is not afraid to speak her mind – even to the Prince of Asgard. Discovering her magic, Loki concludes that marrying Katerina may not be a bad thing at all…. [Pre-Movies, will eventually work itself into Thor, The Avengers, and Thor 2.]

I’m a huge Loki fan myself, so i couldn’t resist the urge to write this fic. I just posted chapter two last night. But does it sound like something you’d be interested in? Here’s a snippet of chapter one:

“Tell me, how much surprise do you hold right now?” he asked.

“A good amount. I was confident there was to be yelling and cussing and tricks and magic involved.” she admitted to him. 

“Magic? What would you know of magic?” he asked with a scoff. Loki thought that surely a lady such as herself would not be meddling with magic like he does, she would be disowned from her family if she practiced such. 

“My mother possessed magic. Once she was discovered she was executed for possessing it.” Katerina informed him. “So I would say I know a thing or two of what magic is.” Please don’t ask me if i posses magic, please don’t ask me if i posses magic…

“Magic is common among highborn nobles here in Asgard. It is pity your mother and yourself did not come to Asgard earlier, she could have been spared.” Loki said, nonchalantly as if it meant nothing. 

“Yes, such a pity.” Katerina said back to him. Loki snapped his attention towards Katerina. 

“You dare speak to me in that tone?” he asked her, standing up over her dominantly, venom in his voice. Fortunately, nothing scared Katerina, so she stood up and looked at him as equally as he was looking at her and spoke to him with the same amount on venom in her voice as he was giving her. 

“Excuse me if I am actually able to speak my mind. I grew up raised by a king solely because he executed my own mother when I was 10. I woke up this morning on my 21st name day to find out what he was sending me off to Asgard to marry you. I was being separated from my father,  and all of my hand-maidens that have become my best friends. I have been through a lot in my life and today alone, you do not frighten me Loki Odinson.” Katerina spoke to him. With that, she turned on her heel and walked herself to the polar opposite side of the room to keep her distance from the trickster/fiancee. The doors to the dining hall opened and Katerina turned to see Thor walking in and Loki storming out. 

I love the character of Katerina. I’m having so much fun with making her show her true colors and I love how she speaks her mind to everybody, including Loki who she nows quite well can kill her if he wants. But i also like to write her as a confused, lost and quiet girl who is nervous to be in Asgard because everything she knows was left to her. My favorite relationship to write about with Katerina is the relationship between her and Queen Frigga, which i have sort of made Frigga “adopt” Katerina as her own. Here is a snippet of chapter two where Frigga and Katerina are getting ready for the announcement dinner:

“That dress looks beautiful on you.” She heard from behind her. She jumped to see Frigga behind her. “Forgive me for startling you. Let me assist you. I have never had another female in the house.” she said. Katerina nodded as she sat down and Frigga did Katerina’s hair in a pretty, elegant bun by hand upon her head. “What was Loki’s surprise?”

“My hand-maidens and best friends from back home. He went to Alfheim and talked to my father to have them live with me.” Katerina told her. 

“Despite what everyone says, Loki is kind and charming. That was very nice of him to do for you.” Frigga said as she placed a necklace around Katerina’s neck. “This was given to me by my father when i was a girl. It goes perfectly with what you are wearing right now.” she said to her. 

“Thank you for the kindness you have been showing. I am grateful.” Katerina said to her. 

“You are very welcome dear. Come now, your ladies should be waiting for you by now to go and eat.” Frigga said.

Next i’m going to write the wedding ceremony and the whole day for chapter three, so i can work more on having an established relationship between Katerina and Loki by the time i want to start writing Thor 1, which I want to do in a couple of chapters. I have an idea planted in my head.

Like the story? You can read it on fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org! I update both as equally!

Want to see the story outfits? You can view those on my polyvore account!

That’s about all i have to say for today, except that if you read my last post, you saw that during Superbowl XLIV i was rooting for the New England Patriots. Well…..


I was watching it with my girlfriends and my guy friend and we were (admittedly) drinking (okay, i only had a single shot the whole night) so when we intercepted the ball at the end to win, we all screamed our heads off and cried. Campus was an absolute nuthouse. Everyone was screaming with happiness. My friend took a video, i wish i could embed it to show you cause oh god, it was magnificent.

Well, now i am seriously done. Goodbye! (like my new sign-off thingy? I think its cute. Took me forever to write with a trackpad.)


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