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Lush Review: Lip Scrub & Space Girl Bath Bomb


I have been dying to try Lush products for ages now. Since I have been away at school almost everybody I have talked to has said that the bath bombs are worth the money and so awesome. So I went to the mall a couple weeks ago and I bought 4 bath bombs and a lip scrub. The total came out to about $35. Here’s what I bought:

The lip scrub was kind of an extra. I was not going to buy it originally, but hey, why not? First i’m going to look at the lip scrub, simply because it will be a short review. In short, I love it but I haven’t quite figured out how to properly use it, so to speak.

I expected it to be different, even though the title included scrub. I figured that it would be at least a little moisturized, but nope. It is literally just packed flavored sugar that you rub on your lips. Here’s the trick with this: put a lot on one of your fingers and then just rub like crazy. If there is to much left on your lips, you get to lick it. You are supposed to follow it up after with your favorite Lush lip balm, but I don’t have any (yet) so instead I use regular eos lip balm and it works just as fine.

Yes, your lips feel really smooth afterwards if you follow with lip balm. But all your going to want to do is eat it. Trust me, because thats how I feel about mine. They have two other flavors which are Mint and Popcorn, but i only saw this one so I just got it. I like it, my lips are definitely a lot smoother and softer now that I have been using it a couple times a day.

My only problem with this is that it is messy and not easy to get out of the container. It does make a mess and go every where and you can never get just the right amount out of the container, you either get to much or to little.

In finish, I would rate product probably a 4/5. 

Onto the bath bomb!

So I was excited to try one of my bombs, but I didn’t want to try the butterball yet or the sex bomb. So it was between phoenix rising and space girl. I opted for space girl because I knew that the water would turn purple, and since purple is my favorite color, I couldn’t go wrong. (I forgot to get a solo picture of my Space Girl & all these picture were taken on my iPhone 5S because I left my camera home when I went home for just the night)

I filled my bath and then got in and put the bomb in. First thing it did was fizz. But when I put it in, it didn’t seem like it was fizzing quick enough or that it was a purple like I thought it would be. Slowly it turned the water a pastel purple sort of, not the purple I had been expecting or seen on the demos I had watched. But I held out hope for the bomb and slowly it all fizzed away and I was left with the last picture (which you can’t see that well because once again, iPhone).

I was pretty impressed overall by the bomb. I was hoping that this one would have a bit more of a cooler effect but sadly it didn’t. I would rate this bomb a 3.5/5. Lucky for me I have 3 more to try when I go home next in a couple of weeks, so I will try to review at least one of them in the time being. Until then, you might be able to expect a review of Devonne by Demi because I have literally been dying to try it and I might have some money laying around for me to finally try it. Cheers!

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