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8 Apps that Bloggers NEED To Have!

I’m new to the lifestyle aspect of the blogging scene. I used to just blog about anything I wished and not think anything of it. Only about a month ago at this point did I decide that I wanted to redefine my blog and maybe make a few extra bucks on the side. I trolled through Pinterest (of course – my mother calls me the Queen of Pinterest now) and started following blogs and trying to mimic what they do to attract readers and viewers. I’ve become so addicted to looking at my blog that I even downloaded some apps for my iPhone to look at my blog stats on and more. Here are 8 apps that bloggers need to have on their phones!

Their Website Bookmarked

I always keep my website bookmarked because I like to be able to see how it looks on mobile at all times. It something doesn’t look right on my phone, I go in and fix it on my computer.

Pages App for Facebook

I’m still new to the Facebook page world, but having this is handy for me to always be checking my page and when I get new likes or messages. It also makes it easy for me to post images from my life on the go as well as other images just for inspiration what not.

Google Analytics

I over-check this. I love checking Analytics to see anywhere how my site is doing in real-time. The app gives you everything you need right on the first page, who is on real-time, your overall audience, acquisition, behavior, and views.

Google Adsense

This is another one I check to much but should probably stop as I don’t make much. Its great for people with bigger blogs to check how much they make per day, throughout the month, and what was made last month vs. this month and lifetime earnings. Like I said, I don’t make much at all (like literally almost nothing) but I check it all the time just to see what I’ve got.


This is great for making an on-the-go post or checking your stats on your website from WordPress! You can work on drafts or even start a draft from your phone when you get an idea in your head and moderate comments and reply to them as well. When you get a comment you receive a notification to moderate it, so you can do it as soon as you see it!


I know other bloggers use Freedly, but I prefer to use Bloglovin’ for now because all of the blogs that I follow are all on there for me. It makes it easy for me to view specific sites and blogs on the sidebar that I can read while i’m out to eat or just away from my computer without having to do much at all.


I have this on my phone, though I really don’t know why. I’ve only just signed up for MailChimp and have no subscribers at all, but other bloggers praise having it so I downloaded it for when the time comes that I get subscribers.


Bloggers also praise this one, but it just makes me confused and I’m still trying to figure out how to use this properly and utilize it for my better.

Pinterest (not pictured)

This isn’t pictured because I have it in my social folder where all my social media accounts reside. Pinterest is an obvious. I love Pinterest. I am addicted to Pinterest. I prefer the mobile version over the desktop version any day.

Twitter (not pictured)

This is also like Pinterest, it is in my social folder. I prefer the mobile version to the desktop version sometimes, but not always. This is obviously important for bloggers to keep up with their followers. I use it more as a means to rant about life shortly rather than actually make some sense. I have two different accounts – one for my friends and family and blogging and the other one for fandom (that I prefer to keep secret, thank you very much).

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