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WordPress Plug Ins You Need to Have

Its a no brainer that if you have a WordPress website, you need to have some plug ins to go along with it. Plug ins make your website better, they add extras to it that you won’t get with blogger or if you don’t use them at all. With blogging, WordPress pug ins can be used to the advantage of the blogger, as I have discovered. Here are some WordPress plug ins that you need to have for your blog.


Akismet is a free app that you can download after you get Jetpack that blocks spam comments from your posts and also blocks people from hacking into your blog. It gives you stats on the main page of your admin panel every time you log in. Akismet is free for a basic license but you can upgrade it at any time.

CW About the Author

I like this plug in because it adds a little bio at the end of each blog post along with your gravatar icon. I think its handy  for when people click on your post from Pinterest or Twitter who aren’t regular readers of your site, because once they read the post they can know a little blurb about you right when they’re done with the post.

Jetpack by

Jetpack is probably the best thing that you can download. It shows you real time stats on your admin panel and gives you so much more options. It connects with to bring all the features that has to your site. Features include fancy galleries, new widgets for sidebars, a subscriber button, and so much more.

jQuery Pin It Button

This is one of those things that I saw on a blog post from Pinterest that I figured I would get. This allows you to customize the Pin It button that appears over your images to match your theme and directly pin to Pinterest.

Social Media Widget

I like this social media widget over all the others that I have seen because of how it allows me to add so many social media websites to my sidebar rather than just the main ones that everybody uses. There are even so much more options that I have not even used. Its great because it works with every theme and you won’t have to recode all your social media icons when you change your theme.

Theme Test Drive

This is absolutely necessary for people to have when you download a new theme and you just want to see how it would look, but like preview isn’t enough for you to see it. I’ve been using this since my days (which is only 2 years ago) and I love it still!

WordPress Editorial Calendar

This is how I stay organized with my posts (although this post was supposed to come out yesterday but it didn’t…. whoops). It gives me a nice clean view at the posts I have scheduled and allows me to make posts on a certain day and look at them so I can be sure that my posts are consistent with their publish days.

WordPress SEO

I’m still trying to master the SEO game, but this is great because it makes each individual post optimized for search engines. You can sign up with every search engine for a code that allows your website to be searched easier. Its a bit tricky to get the hang of at first, but its a life saver.

WP Maintenance Mode

I love this, because when I put up a new theme I can enable this to work on it and make it perfect in live mode without people seeing it a mess. It puts up a splash page for everybody to see and lets them know when you’ll be back online. (Website link is unavailable)

Extras I Like

For book bloggers or even just review bloggers, Rating Report by Ashley Evans is wonderful because it puts a 5 star rating scale at the end of each post that you make as a review. I also like Hello Bar because you don’t have to have the plug in to make it work, but if you have Genesis (a theme with which you shouldn’t mess with the code) the plug in allows you to import the code that you make into the plug in and display a little message at the top of your page.

To see a complete list of my plug ins that I use, go to sitely and scroll to the bottom of the page to see them all. I apologize this post is one day late, I’ll be back to my normal posting beat soon!

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