Boston Comic Con 2015: I’m Still Freaking the @%$& Out.

HEY GUYS! Guess what I just got back from? BOSTON COMIC CON 2015!!! If you’ve been following me long enough, then some of you may…


HEY GUYS! Guess what I just got back from? BOSTON COMIC CON 2015!!!

If you’ve been following me long enough, then some of you may remember my post from last year (which sadly got deleted in the switch over from FusionNews to WordPress back in January) in which I chatted about my first ever comic con experience! I met John Barrowman from Doctor Who, watched his panel with Eve Myles (which I recorded some of) and more.

Well this year, back in about May, they announced that STAN BLOODY LEE was going to be at this year’s Boston Comic Con! I almost started crying. I knew then that I had to make it to this year’s con to get a picture with him, because he is an actual legend. At first I was weary that I wasn’t going to make it, because I had no money and I knew this year’s con was going to be a massive investment, but in June I managed to buy my ticket for Sunday (because it was cheaper) and my Stan Lee photo op. The total turned out to be around $150 probably total, but when was I ever going to meet Stan Lee again? Never, probably.

Boston Comic Con 2015

So the weeks turn by and its the opening day of the show, July 31st. I’m sitting there thinking ‘You know, I have enough money to meet Hayley Atwell’ and I go online to see what the price is. As i’m scrolling, I’m seeing that there was a Marvel Universe Team Up, consisting of Hayley Atwell and Brett Dalton. I looked at the price, said “Fuck it” and bought the photo op.

So the morning comes, I’m tired because I worked a closing shift the night before but I got up and on my way because I was excited. We arrived super early and waited out in the sun for a good hour before they started letting us in. We walked around the floor for a bit and then went to the photo op area to hang around and kill time.

As we’re standing in line to get Italian Ice, I look to the right and I see STAN FREAKIN LEE coming down the escalator to his photo op. I started freaking out and trying to get my friend to look over, but she didn’t look and she missed him. It also didn’t help that I was so shocked that I wasn’t really speaking any understandable words. Anyways, to the photo op part. Stan arrived late, but I guess thats okay because he’s Stan Lee. We were pretty far back at the line, but when we got to the front to actually meet him I ended up going first out of the 3 others in my group. When I reached him he turned around and said Hello to me and I managed to utter out a Hi back before they took the picture. I said thank you but I’m not sure he heard me because I could barely speak English at that point.

Thats me. And Stan Lee. *dies*

DON’T REMIND ME THAT HE HAS HIS EYES CLOSED. I don’t care, because i’m standing next to Stan fucking Lee. Anyways, after I waited for my friends and brother to finish with their photos we went to go pick up the prints. The nice lady gave me a bag to put mine in because I told her I was getting another print in like 20 minutes and I left my group and literally got back into line.

I chatted with a Joker and a Harley Quinn and then all of a sudden OUT OF THE SIDE DOOR DOWN THE HALL BRETT DALTON COMES STROLLING OUT. He walked RIGHT BEHIND ME and I almost died. Then at the end of Stan’s op when he left I got a candid picture of him walking by to go back upstairs for his autographs session. The rest is boring until I actually get in the photo area.

Firstly, the guy who was directing us when to go said “Hello again” and I thought that was funny. Then, when they told me to go, Brett and Hayley both looked at me and I quickly said “Can we do a big group hug?” and they literally got so excited they were like “Yeah, lets do it!” And so I squeezed myself in the middle and WE HAD THE BEST GROUP HUG EVER! Everyone that was behind us and the crew was like “Awww” and it was amazing and Brett smelled really good. THE PHOTO IS SO DAMN CUTE AND BRETT’S FACE LOOKS AMAZINGLY ADORABLE.


After that we hung around for a few minutes so I could let all that process, we left, and we went to go eat. All in all it was a fantastic day and I can’t wait until Rhode Island & next year!

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