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I’m Getting Back Into Editing.

Hey guys! I finally have something that I feel I can write about on here. Way back when in my middle school days (like 9 years ago or something) I was obsessed with making video edits! I used to just take pictures and put them into Sony Vegas Pro 8 and add effects to them and make videos that looked really cool. This is one of them that I made and re-uploaded onto a channel that I have since abandoned:

This took forever. Not the video, I can’t remember how long it took although it to probably took forever. It took forever for me to make it embedable. I had to go to youtube, download it from youtube, reupload it to vimeo, and then wait for the ti process on vimeo for 30 or so minuets before I could even embed the damn thing.

Anyways, that was what I used to do when I was in middle school/start of high school. Even then I didn’t think they were any good, my really old stuff was the stuff that sucked. If I remember correctly, that one I made a little more recently (2012 is when Youtube said it was uploaded) on my old laptop that had Windows on it.

About a week or two ago I decided that I wanted to get back into editing, not to gain a following or anything on my already pretty popular fan accounts, but just so I can get the hang of editing again because if I was going to be a director in the film industry, editing would be a good thing to know.

I downloaded Final Cut Pro X. People don’t like it very much, but I like it. It’s really easy to use once you get the hang of it and I’ve been making some pretty cool edits with it since. The first edit I did was a 6 second vine edit using Gasoline by Halsey and the subject being Bucky Barnes. Looking back at it now I hate it and my second one is so much better, I was just trying to look impressive. anyways, here it is:

My second one I did in Final Cut is much more impressive and better looking I say. It’s to ladies of Marvel to the beat of the beginning of Demi Lovato’s new song Confident. It just them kicking ass really, but I’m much more proud of that than I am of the first one, so here that is:


The third one I just made today is 28 seconds long and it’s actually on Youtube. It’s an edit of Wanda Maximoff being bad ass to Fight Song. I thought that song and Wanda would go really well together considering all the shit that she’s been through because of Ultron, and this one I am really proud of because I experimented with text effects. Text is different in Final Cut than it is in Sony Vegas and there isn’t as much you can do with text, but somehow i made it work. I was going to do more but it started to freeze up on me if I added more:

(I realized halfway through writing this post and posting the connecting videos that I had the two vines posted on my Youtube as well. Lucky chance!)

Final Cut is believed to be the program that most professionals use in the industry, so I downloaded that because I figured that if I was going to have to use it in my job, I should start getting the hang of it now so I don’t look like a fool not knowing how to use it. That and it is one of the only good video editing softwares that can be found for Mac. I’m sad that Sony Vegas still isn’t out for Mac but Final Cut works just as good for me.

Do you guys have any hobbies? Do you edit or Photoshop for fun?

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