Black Mass Movie Review

I FINALLY got the chance to go see Black Mass over the long weekend. It’s been like, two weeks since it came out and I…


Black Mass Movie Review

I FINALLY got the chance to go see Black Mass over the long weekend. It’s been like, two weeks since it came out and I had intended to go see it at an earlier date, but shit happens. At last I saw it, and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait to see it. Here’s my Black Mass Movie Review!

I’ll get this out of the way while we can:  I am from Massachusetts and go to Boston often. So being able to watch the movie and then know basically the vast majority of the locations where they filmed at really geeked me out a bit. I was nerding out during the movie (I could – it was only my boyfriend and I and two other people in the theater) over the location thing.

I’m going to state this plainly: I’m going to throw a Golden Globe/OSCAR at Johnny Depp’s face if I ever meet him. Seriously, his performance was just that good in this film. I didn’t expect anything less from Johnny Depp, to be honest. I knew he was going to be amazing and he looked like he actually understood the role he was playing, which made it all the better.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Boston accent was just okay. And that’s coming from me, a die hard fan of his. There would be places where he would absolutely nail the accent and sound amazing, like during the scene in the beginning with his mother and Jimmy where he’s just casual with them. Then there was the scene where he met with the FBI guy (who’s name I have forgotten at this point) where I felt like he wasn’t doing it as well as the other scenes with him.

I actually learned a lot from this film. I didn’t know about the other players in Whitey’s gang and I didn’t know that he had been on the run from 1995 until 2011 successfully. I didn’t know that two of his members didn’t even serve jail time and walk the streets of Boston today.

Back to the actual film: it is absolutely not for the faint of heart. It is violent, it is bloody, the language is what you would expect of a Bostonian gang member (or a Bostonian in general). If you’re looking for a film that gives you that old-timey gangster film feel, this is absolutely for you then. If you’re a Benedict Cumberbatch fan only going to see the movie for him, then don’t waste your money. He’s only in about 20 minutes of it total. If you’re looking to see Johnny Depp in another crazy role, then it is for you. I overall thought this movie was amazing and fantastic all around.

There were some plot points that I thought were not needed between the FBI agent and his wife, thus that brings my rating of it down a little bit. Characters gets a four because some of the characters failed to have a Boston accent and then because Benedict’s was only okay to me.

Final thought: go see the movie.


  1. I am interested to see this film and your review makes me want to see it even more! It is amazing how different Johnny Depp can appear in movies and how far he seems to absorb himself into characters.

  2. If i can remember back to my film course last semester, I believe Johnny Depp is a method actor, meaning that he likes to literally make his mindset and actions on and off camera while he's on set like his character. Which is why he's just so damn good at every role he does. I can only imagine what he was like on the set of this, i'd be terrified of him.

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