Marvels Jessica Jones Season 1 Review

Before you continue on, be sure to read my philosophy on spoilers here. Who else was hyped for Marvels Jessica Jones Season 1? Because I sure as hell…


Marvels Jessica Jones

Before you continue on, be sure to read my philosophy on spoilers here.

Who else was hyped for Marvels Jessica Jones Season 1? Because I sure as hell was. It’s Marvel’s pretty much first ever thing to be lead by a female actress. As a matter of fact, I was so excited to watch this that I watched all 13 episodes in probably less than 48 hours. So after all that binging, here I am with my review on Jessica Jones, Season 1!

Marvels Jessica Jones Season 1 Review

Jessica Jones herself is played by the lovely Krysten Ritter and the main big bad of the season Killgrave is played by none other than David Tennant. Other important characters are Trish Walker played by Rachel Taylor and Will Simpson played by Wil Traval. Oh, and let’s not forget Luke Cage, who is played by Mike Colter.

Side note, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are 2/3 of the Defenders, which is another series coming to Netflix. The missing Defender in JJ? Matt Murdock. Anyways…

Anyways, Jessica Jones is the perfect female ‘herione’ that the Netflix MCU needed. She doesn’t take any shit from anyone and doesn’t need the help of anyone else to take down Killgrave. She asks for assistance with some of her plans, but I really don’t think she needed it after all.

Her relationship with Luke is odd at first. It’s originally they just get together for a one-night stand, then Jessica realizes it was his wife that she killed under the control of Killgrave. Then they get sort of together and he finds out, and leaves her. Then he comes back and helps her try to take down Killgrave, as he almost dies in the process.

Let’s get to Killgrave. If you are a die hard Doctor Who fan and the 10th Doctor is your favorite, Killgrave is totally going to ruin how you look at David Tennant. I have mixed feelings about Killgrave: I love him as the villain of the show and as a plot device character, but the actions he’s made and what he’s forced Jessica to do is what i dislike about him. I’d easily say that I’m torn between Jessica and Killgrave being my favorite characters on the show. Again, that is not because I particularly like what his character has done, but he is just that well written and that well of a villain that I am almost in love with how the character is portrayed by Tennant.

Trish Walker is a support system for Jessica on the outside, but she is also a bad-ass herself. Trish is willing to sacrifice herself to save Jessica it seems and towards the end of the series makes it known that she is not just going to sit around and be a useless plot device.

This is the same with Simpson. I actually couldn’t stand him in the end, but at the beginning he is just someone that Killgrave mind controls to kill Trish, but at the end he develops into his own sort of evil due to going out of his mind. Here’s a funfact: Simpson in the comics later becomes Nuke. He also fights Daredevil as Nuke.

Want a brilliant idea for a crossover/first season of the Defenders? Daredevil fights Nuke first. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage find out who Nuke really is and step in to help. Thus, defenders.Plus, imagine Jessica meeting Foggy. She’d get annoyed within the first 2 seconds of being around him.

(I’m really into a Jessica Jones/Daredevil crossover. It needs to happen)

Well there you have it, my Jessica Jones reviews and my thoughts. It was absolutely incredible and I’m already waiting for season 2.

My next review, to be posted Saturday night or Sunday afternoon: Doctor Who’s Heaven Sent and Hell Bent!

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