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Kat Von D Ink Liner Review


When it comes to applying liquid eye liner, or any liner in general, I am probably the worst. Seriously. I don’t know how in the world people can free hand their liner and make it look so freakin’ good every single.

At first I thought that my eye liner skills would improve if I got a different type. The first type I ever used was from New York Color for about $2, in which the applicator was a brush that was dipped into the formula inside of a tube. Sometimes I did really good with it, but whenever I created a wing one would be bigger than the other or a slant would be different. It just never worked.

So I thought trying something that was more pen like would help me out. Obviously, the first one I thought of trying was Kat Von D’s, because I have an addiction to her line. Read more below the cut to see what I think.

Kat Von D Ink Liner Review

Buy it at Sephora – $19

What I like about this: I love how its more pen-like. It does in fact make it easier to make a fine line. Its very easy to use, just give it a quick shake before you open it and you’re all good to go. Its very easy to apply if you take your time and slow it, and even when you’re making quick strokes. And it dries sooo quickly! Like, you don’t have to worry about the liner ‘blotting’ or whatever on your lid or crease because it dries so quickly. And its actually easy to get off at the end of the day with a make up wipe, which the other eye liner I used isn’t as easy.

What I don’t like about this: After a while or just using the tip to make a fine line, which I like to do to make the basic shape of the wing, it was a bitch to color in the wing. I almost decided to use a black eyeshadow, but eventually I discovered the trick to coloring it in so that it didn’t look so dry.

Overall opinion: It is a very good quality liner. Kat’s always had very good products and everything I’ve used I like. This I like as well, my only issue is i felt like it applied very dry in some places, while in other places it was okay. But I could also not be using it right or anything, which is entirely possible as I said I am not an eyeliner expert.

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