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I’M VLOGGING NOW!! – Introducing Me

I’M VLOGGING NOW!! Yep, that’s right, my roommate and I decided we wanted to be the next Dan & Phil! Basically i’m going to be taking most of my reviews to Youtube now and writing other miscellaneous things on here.

It will be better because then I can show you a showcase of my make up throughout the day whenever I review it and it will allow me to express myself better then I ever have before. There will be short films, reviews, advice, daily/weekly (still haven’t made up my mind yet) vlogs, and many other things. I still don’t have a solid upload schedule yet, but I want to try it at least get it to every week.

Above is my Introducing Me video, which is on my Youtube Channel. I have some post uploads on there as well, and I am working on making it more organized as we speak.

I hope you all go subscribe to see new videos at least every week!!

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