I made a short film?!

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while, but things have been sort of busy with the semester, and I need to get back on track on more thoroughly planning my posts out, but more of that later. I made a short film! The name of the film is Captain America and the Cookie Thief, and even though its a rather silly concept for a film, I’m rather proud of how it came out.

In short, the story goes that Jenn gets mysteriously kidnapped as she is eating Oreos and the two Captain Americas have to save her. It took a whole day to film and probably about 3 days to edit fully together, blooper reel, behind the scenes and all. I leave that for you to watch above, and below the blooper reel & behind the scenes. Tune in on Friday for a new actually thought out post coming straight from my fangirl self. (Or maybe tomorrow after the new Captain America Trailer comes out).


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