Why I Write Fanfiction

Fanfiction. When I said that word, you either smiled like a dork or you cringed. With fanfic, there is no in-between as to how you…



When I said that word, you either smiled like a dork or you cringed. With fanfic, there is no in-between as to how you feel about it: either you hate it and think its a waste of time, or you adore it and you spend hours trying to find new fanfic to write.

Last year I wrote ‘all about fan fiction & why you shouldn’t be scared of it‘, followed by  ‘7 tips to writing fanfiction‘ shortly after, and now i’m coming at you again with Why I Write Fanfiction.

Why Do I Write Fanfiction?

Do you want the long answer or the short answer? I’ll give you the really cliche short answer first and then branch off of that: it gives me an escape from reality. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out:

I am a daydreamer. I am constantly daydreaming about inserting myself into a fictional land and making everything happy and making myself fit in with my other characters. A normal person right now is probably thinking “What an obsessed fangirl.” while a nerd is probably thinking “SAME! SAME! SAMEEE!!!”

If you’re the first person: why the hell are you even on my blog? Get off it, I don’t need your muggle ways of thinking on my nerd obsessed blog. If you’re the second person: LET’S BE FRIENDS!

Anyways, back to the topic on hand, fanfiction tends to get a little bit of a bad rep with non-fandom folks and even some people in fandom. Those people must be uncreative because fanfiction is one of my favorite things to come out of fandom.

It started back in 2011 on Wattpad (see what I did there? a little profile link-age even though I don’t use Wattpad anymore). I started to randomly write a story called ‘Daughter Direction’, with an idea I thought I would get hated on for. Then I entered it into a contest I did not even think it would win at all, and it ended up winning! Since it won in 2012, it now has over 4.5 million views and I have a Wattpad following of almost 11,000, which is insane because I don’t even post there anymore! (Although I’m thinking of posting my latest Avengers one-shot there, just to keep it alive).

I found Fanfiction.net and I wrote there for a bit too, but unless you’re a very successful Harry Potter fic you don’t make it there. I had a Harry Potter fic on Fanfiction.net, but I re-wrote it and took down the original, then ended up taking down the re-write.

Why? I started to dislike fanfiction.net. Although there are a lot of people who are kind on fanfiction.net, there are also majority rude where if it’s not a New York Times Best Seller quality story its an automatic dislike. I don’t like that attitude, especially when it’s very highly noted that it’s just a for-fun story that is great to do in free-time.

Now I write primarily on archiveofourown. I like it a lot better, simply because there’s more options. You can tag basically anything you want, you have more character options, you have more options for pairing (where as on fanfiction you can only select two pairings. ew.) and overall the community is much nicer.

You can also write real-people-fic, RPF, on AO3, whereas on FF you can’t. Now I’ve been on a Dan and Phil fanfic kick (more specifically Dan if I’m being honest), and I think it’s just awesome that there’s so much RPF on AO3 that it satisfies the need.

…. anyways….

I write fanfiction not because in fandom it’s sort of mainstream to do it. Not because I want attention or to get popular and get recognition (although comments are nice). I write fanficition because it helps ME calm down. Whenever I write, I imagine my original female character as me with a different personality, the type of person I wish I could be, hanging out with the people I wish I could be around.

When i’m stressed and freaking out over something stupid, I have fanfic to help me calm back down and take me to that place, whether it be Hogwarts, the TARDIS, or the MCU, where I can be free of whatever is on my mind have have full creative freedom to make my OC how ever I want to be like.

That’s why I never stick to writing cannon ships. I love cannon ships and for the most part, I stay compliant to cannon plots and characters. But my main relationship tag is always going to have an original female character. Why? It gives me more freedom of expression in my work. It makes it so I can imagine myself with my favorite characters, and it helps me unwind.

Believe me, I’ve gotten many of Mary-Sue comments (don’t even get me started on those), but I’ve gotten many more positive comments and your single Mary-Sue comment isn’t going to stop me. If you don’t like my work, don’t read it. Simple as that.

Cause I’m not stopping for you.

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