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Hi. It’s been a while and I am aware of how long it has been. In my eyes, it has been way to long since…



It’s been a while and I am aware of how long it has been. In my eyes, it has been way to long since I have made this website a first thought in my mind. Everything has been so focused on being a better daily vlogger and establishing myself on Youtube that I have forgotten about this website, and that saddens me. I have no intention whatsoever to leave this website to die and to just leave the domain to expire.

Here’s a low-down on what has happened since the last time I properly posted:

Junior Year started. I know I posted last September, but that was a pre-written post so I’m not counting it. I haven’t given a good life update so there’s the first one: my junior year started and a lot has happened.

I scored an internship at my school being a videographer and an editor. Of course, I don’t do just that. I do a lot of other things like photograph things going on around my campus. I’ve done shoots such as a debate showing and just taking scenic photos of campus and students enjoying the nice weather.

On top of that, I have also gotten a campus job. This doesn’t really impact me much since it is in the mornings and I have a ton of down time during that job to do homework and relax and come up with ideas. Except that isn’t what I do at all and i end up wasting my time on Youtube watching random videos.

It’s been a busy first month of my semester. I’ve done a ton of filming and now that I don’t have to go home every weekend to work I try to do fun things on my weekends along with homework to make the most of my school year with my friends. I’m trying to do things on the weekends with them and hang out and be social with people I may not know.

It sort of feels like i’ve been reinventing myself. I’m throwing away a lot of the nerd clothes and trying to look more like an adult. I don’t know if its the fact that at this time next year i’ll be making a list of jobs I want to apply to or thinking of where I want to live in 2 years, but something in my mind has sort of told me that I need to be an adult and present myself as one.

Don’t get me wrong, the nerd stuff is still 1000% in my life. The nerd stuff is what inspires me to be me and to work in my industry, but it’s really weird to be reinventing yourself at 21 years old when you have always thought that you were going to be the same person forever.

Everybody changes and nobody is the same person forever. So as I grow, I’m going to be posting new content here on what my true thoughts are on everything and anything. I’ll be posting my feelings and how I have been doing mentally.

I hope yall stick around to see it.

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