DOCTOR STRANGE movie review

The time has finally come for Alyssa to come out of the shadows and review another Marvel movie. Doctor Strange was hyped and highly anticipated…


The time has finally come for Alyssa to come out of the shadows and review another Marvel movie. Doctor Strange was hyped and highly anticipated by people all over the world. Some of the reasons why it was hyped may not have been the best reason, like white-washing the Ancient One by casting Tilda Swinton, but none the less people were excited to see the official debut of the Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange. I finally got around to seeing it Sunday night in full IMAX 3D glory, and my god this movie was fucking fantastic in every single way I can think of.

Read my spoiler warning here before moving forward.

Like I said above, I saw this movie in IMAX 3D. There was no way that I was NOT going to see it for the first time in IMAX 3D. I knew that all the special effects they needed to use would be worth it alone to see in the 3D format so I went and bought the tickets to see it and I couldn’t wait.

This movie surpassed my expectations. Doctor Strange sits right underneath Captain America: The Winter Solider on my list of Top 5 Favorite Marvel films as #2 on the list now and probably #3 on my list of all-time Top 5 Favorite Movies. Now hear me out -it’s not just because I agree with the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange because I love Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ll admit, that did help me with appreciating it more, but there’s so much more to it than that.

The quality of the production is absolutely amazing and you can tell that Marvel put in their all for the movie. I went into this movie knowing that i wanted to take an extreme close look at the VFX and see if they actually made me feel like I had powers from the mystic arts and like I was traveling with Doctor Strange. Marvel exceeded my expectations with the VFX because I literally felt like I was apart of traveling through the Dark Dimension with Strange and I felt like I was apart of all the magic and learning of the mystic arts.

The writing and pacing of the screen play was fantastic as well. His accident happens rather soon in the movie and as it goes on you see a lot of Strange struggling, it doesn’t go on like I thought it would. Going in i thought we would see Stephen struggle with not having his hands and then going and excelling as a sorcerer and then going complete good from there. I was surprised to see there was a lot of internal struggle in Strange and that it lasted for a good portion of the movie, and even till the end where he wants to stay in New York with Christine but realizes he needs to go and use the powers he’s learned for good.

As far as every other cinematic and technical aspect, Doctor Strange was great. Everybody in the crew put in their all and no matter how much it cost in just VFX alone, Marvel is making it ten fold its opening week with Doctor Strange.

If you can afford to go see it in IMAX 3D, I would do it. It does cost quite more than a normal movie ticket, but it is by far worth it. I am convinced that seeing it in the IMAX 3D is what made my first movie experience of Doctor Strange so fantastic. So get out there people and go see the damn movie, you’ll be happy you did.

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