It’s that time of the year again.

And no, I don’t mean Christmas. Although that is very exciting for most people, i’m talking about it being that time of year where it’s finals week and I kind of just die. I’ve got no real excuse to say about why I haven’t written – I have 2 posts that are drafts that I’ve written an introduction for. They’ve kind of just been sitting in my post queue for a couple of weeks waiting for me to finish them and publish.


See that? That is what my schedule for this week looks like. And no, it is not finals week yet. But it is almost that time and every college student every where is freaking out and losing their minds because you have to pass the class. You’re at the point where you’re not even asking for an A anymore, you’re just trying to hit a solid B. Every single college student has these moments and don’t lie to me.

So I guess what this post is saying is basically that I’ll be back after finals (hopefully). One of the drafts I have will be posted soon Β (hopefully) and the other will go out the window.

See you next time on the joke that is my life.


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