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Fandom Fridays: Star Wars

This week, we’re going to be going to a galaxy far, far away… That’s right folks, today we’re delving into my Star Wars obsession. Not just my Star Wars obsession though entirely, but the whole worlds Star Wars obsession. Bare with me, this is my first proper Fandom Friday and its a learning process for me. But without further ado, let’s all board the Millenium Falcon and travel to the galaxy far, far away!


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… well, maybe not that far or long ago

Star Wars celebrated its 40th birthday this past May with an extra special Star Wars celebration during the month of August. I was among the tons of people who tuned into the live stream and bawled their eyes when they saw the Episode 8 trailer. So, what makes Star Wars so likable?

Well, in my non-professional nerdy opinion, it’s the genre it classifies as. Science Fiction has always been the genre to take viewers out of this world and to a place where you could just escape. I mean, my dad is obsessed with Star Wars and as soon as I delved into the nerdy world I gave them all a rewatch and I swear now that’s all we talk about. It has helped me make friends online and in person and inspired me to keep on with filmmaking.

The thing is that in my opinion there isn’t a character in the Star Wars franchise that isn’t well developed and written. Especially (now) females. Rey is such a strong female character who is really well written. She’s isn’t all strong, she has her weaknesses like other people do but that is totally honestly normal. Every character has to have a weak spot, and Rey’s is that she wanted to wait for her parents but she knew it was right for her to help out the Resistance.

The person who could use a little more development to me though, even though he is developed, is my baby Kylo Ren. Yes, yes I know I just said that there isn’t a character in the franchise that isn’t well written and now I’m back here telling you Kylo Ren needs more work – but hear me out. A good portion of people just portray him as an angry, temperamental, Darth Vader wannabe manchild who breaks things when he gets mad. I mean, you went from 3 epic movies with Darth Vader who was absolutely ruthless to Kylo Ren who gets mad when he doesn’t get his way. As much as I love him, dude needs work and hopefully, he gets that in the next movie.

My favorites:

  • Film: Episode 4, followed by 7, then 3. Weird combination, I know. If you’re interested, I went and crawled into the depths of the blog to find my Force Awakens review. Give it a read and cringe with me as to how terrible the review and writing are.
  • Character: Kylo Ren & Leia. Another odd combo, but I have a thing for hot antagonists. Leia because, well….duh.
  • Space-craft: Millenium Falcon, cause duh.
  • Driod: BB-8, all the way.

I want to know this:

What is your favorite thing about Star Wars? Which Episode is your favorite and who is your favorite character in the series?


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  • Reply John

    Hello Alyssa, I a a member of the Geek Blogs Unite group and I saw your post so I thought I would have a poke around, and since I am a Star Wars fan I thought I would come here (I did check out your review on Pirates 5 and remain undecided, and your bit on Fan fiction as I have dabbled there). Am a big fan of Star Wars, though truthfully I was not a fan of Force Awakens. I will say something about Kylo Ren that might revise your opinion on his character's portrayal. He really annoyed me all the way through the film for the reasons you outlined, but (and its a big but) I see a great deal of potential story for him as he develops from spoiled brat to terrifying villain. That was something I came to like about the film, though other things less so.I like the layout of your blogroll only showing snippets (It makes it so much easier to navigate). Feel free to check out my blog, This post I wrote for May the 4th might be to your taste.Keep up the good work

    June 5, 2017 at 2:04 pm
  • Reply Alyssa Michelle

    Hi John! Thank you for checking me out and I will definitely be giving that post a read in a moment. I do agree with everything you said about Kylo, hence just why I said he needs a little more development. He could totally become a great villain in the end and I really hope he does!

    June 5, 2017 at 3:02 pm
  • Reply Kim

    Hi Alyssa, I stumbled on your blog via Bloglovin, I love Star Wars. Always have since I was little, my favourite character has always been Han Solo and I love R2D2 but since the Force Awakens BB8 may be my new favourite droid (sorry R2!). My favourite films are 5 then 7 then 3.Really looking forward to episode 8 this year. 🙂

    June 27, 2017 at 8:08 am
  • Reply Kim

    Stupid predictive text changing Han to Hannah!!! Please could you edit for me?

    June 27, 2017 at 8:09 am
  • Reply Alyssa Michelle

    Hi Kim! Thank you for your comment! BB8 is my favorite driod too!

    June 28, 2017 at 10:15 am
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