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San Diego Comic Con Re-Cap

Well, that’s a wrap for 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Well, it’s been a wrap since Sunday, but you catch my drift. As always, if there was a time and a place that you wanted to premiere your poster, trailer, etc., SDCC was the time and place to do it. It’s the con with the most attendance ever and plus since it’s right near the hub of the industry, almost every nerd fandom you can think of is there.

EXCEPT STAR WARS THIS YEAR. Seriously, there was ZERO Star Wars at the fucking convention this year. What the hell, Lucasfilm?! I was counting on your for a little special something – like a trailer to go along with those shiny new posters you premiered at D23.

Anyway, here’s a general recap of the important shit to me at this year’s SDCC. If I don’t agree with something you love, save both of us the trouble and avoid getting butthurt. This may be a mess, I usually write my posts the night before but its 8:30AM on the day its supposed to go live and I’m a crazy tired mess. Anywho, lets move on.

Justice League premiered a shitty new poster. Seriously, look at the damn thing. It sucks. I can do better than that in less than 5 minutes. I can do better than that in less than 10 minutes with my eyes closed and 10 shots of vodka in my system. It looks like a first year high schooler did it to get a movie poster grade for a project. You know how I know this? I had to do one. And mine came out better than that. If there was anything that lessened my excitement for Justice League, besides the fact that Joss Whedon took over, but thats Thursdays post for you, it was this poster.

I get that its an ode to a comic book artist and that ‘DC does things for the fans!’, but it looks like shit and I could do better drunk with my eyes closed. With that being said, I have absolutely no problem with all their new social media graphics, which is just them lined up in a row. Its just this damn poster.

They also released a new trailer for Justice League and it was just pretty meh to me. Yeah, parts of it looked pretty cool like the beginning of the trailer where it was just straight DIANA PRINCE but the rest of it didn’t impress me a whole lot. Only my viewing can judge.

MOVING ON from my rant about Justice League, lets talk about MARVEL. They released the Inhumans trailer on Friday, which looks freakin awesome. Unfortunately I can’t link to them, since I am at work and such things but on Saturday was really when shit went down. They started off with a Thor Ragnork panel which consisted of basically everybody important in the cast like Tom Hiddleston and then premiered an AWESOME new trailer that you probably have seen, unless you live under a rock. They moved onto Black Panther after that and then showed them some footage, but nobody was focused on recording that stuff illegally cause they were all focused on INFINITY WAR.

And HOLY CRAP guys, Infinity War is going to make my heart shatter into a million little pieces. There are/were a ton of leaked footage going around on the internet that somebody recorded from the first or second row of the trailer, and I’ve probably rewatched it 5 million times. If this footage is still around, I have no clue. But guys, it looks great. There were SCREAMS when Thanos came on the screen and probably even louder when we saw Peter Parker. Steve Rogers has a beard, Bucky Barnes is awake, and Natasha Romanov is blonde. Yes, she is BLONDE which totally shits on my cosplay plans for Boston Comic Con in a month, but whatever. The poster above was also released in THREE SEGMENTS. THREE. The cast is so huge that they had to divide the poster up into three segments.

Tired of me yet? Hang in there, almost done. Next onto SUPERNATURAL.

Before the cast and runners came out, KANAS PERFORMED CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON. This year Hall H had screens going around the room for added awesomeness, so around the room as Kansas performed they showed a recap of all 12 seasons. The panel started out with a confirmation that Castiel is not going away any time soon. Or that could have just been Misha saying he wasn’t planning on leaving. They hinted that we’ll see a lot of Mary and Lucifer on the other side struggling sort of to come back and that Sam wants to try and make Jack (the spawn of Satan fyi) into a good person and Dean would rather just get rid of Jack all together, so there’s a lot of tension between the two brothers. It was also told that there were a few favorites from season one coming back, so thats very exciting as well! As long as it’s not John Winchester.

Lastly, Doctor Who concluded the Hall H panels for the year and anything remotely important at SDCC for me. They brought out the entire cast, minus Jodie, plus Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. They showed us a preview for Christmas special, which they had only stopped filming A WEEK AGO, and yet they still managed to have a good preview for us and found out the director of the episode is a lady. Bill Potts is not returning after the special, WHICH SHE IS IN, which makes me sad. New Doctor, new companion I guess this time around. Missy is definitely not coming back which saddens me and Mark is in the special as someone who I think is Adolf Hitler tbh. Then they showed a recap video of the past 3 years of Peter Capaldi’s reign as the Doctor and and its very easy to say that I cried like a fucking baby by the end of it. Peter went on and said a tribute for everybody on stage and I cried even more.

Clearly San Diego Comic Con is just 4 days of crying. Till next year, nerds!

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