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The Monthly – July 2017

Hi, everybody! Wow – what a month. Lots of changed happened around me this month and lots of good things came out of the month. No spoilers for whats to come in the post – so let’s just skip the chatter and get on with the post!


For starters, my internship fully kicked in! I’ve been learning so much and its been so wonderful. I shadowed an AVID editor for a day and he let me do some things to the edit he was doing, which was so wonderful. I learned so much that day and it was so exciting.

In blog terms – whoa! I switched from WordPress to Blogger! I never really explained why I switched over. To be honest, I don’t even know. Blogger is easier to use by far and they both have their pros and cons. WordPress is unbelievably slow sometimes and Blogger hasn’t let me down yet. Plus, my entire life is basically connected through Google (besides my phone and laptop…. ironically enough) so it was more convenient for me to switch.

I TURNED 22! My birthday was the 19th and I celebrated by drinking wine with my mom and doing math homework. And eating cake. I also treated myself to a MATT SMITH PHOTO PASS FOR BOSTON COMIC CON! That’s what I spent my birthday money on.

I restarted my bullet journal at the end of the month. I started one back in January with a notebook from Target – but this time I have a Moleskine that I adore and I have colored pens and I’ve been keeping up with it. Maybe I’ll make a post about it? Who knows!



PVRIS released a new song called ‘Half’ at the end of the month and OH MY LORD. Listen to it above right now. RIGHT. NOW! Next paycheck I get I’m going to be buying tickets to see them in October and I’m SO. FLIPPIN. EXCITED!


SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING. If you live under a rock and have no clue what I’m talking about, Tom Holland is basically perfection and basically plays the PERFECT Peter Parker. If you want to read my review about it, go here!



THE DOCTOR IS A WOMAN!!!!! Doctor Who ended unfortunately in July, but we got a female Doctor FINALLY! If you want to read my thoughts about this – go to my post here.

Supernatural announced that they’re bringing back a fan-favorite from SEASON ONE for their 13th season. And KANAS performed at their comic con panel. Watch the video above to experience it!


Not much else – actually. It was a month that FLEW by. I got so busy with editing a movie and my internship and trying to keep myself sane it was difficult for me to actually go out and seek new things.

What did you do in July? Did you accomplish a goal?

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