Defenders Show Review

Hi everyone! I mentioned in my last post that this review was coming and well – here it is! The Defenders is a rather easy…


Hi everyone! I mentioned in my last post that this review was coming and well – here it is! The Defenders is a rather easy binge – episodes are less than an hour each and there’s only 8 of them total. Which was a total let down to me, by the way, but I had expected that it would be an intense 8 episodes. I was right.

Read on to see my full review of the Defenders. As always, read my spoiler warning before continuing.

The characters

If you’ve seen the other 4 Marvel Netflix shows, then you should be familiar with the characters. If not, what the hell are you doing reading this? Go watch the other shows and get back to me.

Now that we’re past that, easily without a doubt the character that shined the most for me was Jessica Jones. Yes, I’m putting my baby Matt Murdock on the back burner for now because he was a little shit for the first couple of episodes. Jessica shone through and I could not be prouder of her. It was clear she was having an internal battle because of everything that she fought with when Killgrave was around, but she managed to get through it and that makes me so happy.

My least – which is kinda of in agreement across the whole fandom – is Danny Rand. I’m so disappointed in how he’s being written and its the same repetitive thing that happened in his own show. He sucked the entire season until the last 2 episodes. DANNY RAND DESERVES AND NEEDS BETTER WRITING. Period. If he doesn’t get it, then his show is going to flop.

The plot

With all that talk about Danny sucking, it’s a surprise the show didn’t suck cause he’s important to the plot. The Defenders is all about the hand trying to get back into Kunlun and obtaining the Iron Fist. There are things in between with characters – like Matt being a pussy in the first 2 episodes and Jessica being bad ass and Luke also being bad ass – but essentially the show is about Danny. Which is sad cause he sucks.

With that being said, the show wasn’t awful. The show was GREAT – which is strange because Danny stunk. Am I being too mean to Danny?

The technical stuff

It was edited and shot really well. I’m at the end of this post and I’m really lazy – but what I like was any time they needed to transition they used a series of subway shots to showcase that, which is nice because it wasn’t a hard cut.

Yeah, too lazy to write this section.


Overall, the Defenders was really, really good. Sure there are things that they could have improved – like Danny Rand’s writing – but other than that it was solid. One of Marvels best but still not as fantastic as Daredevil Season 2.
What did you think of the Defenders?

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