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so obviously, it’s been a while. my last actual post was way back in november talking about nanowrimo and i said i would update every week…


so obviously, it’s been a while. my last actual post was way back in november talking about nanowrimo and i said i would update every week since then. but obviously that did not happen. at all. in fact it did not happen so much that i just didn’t even think about blogging until now. so let me make an attempt to fill you in on what’s been going on and what i want to do with this blog for the new year.

so i did not finish nanowrimo. i was very very on track for at least 2 weeks before falling drastically behind and eventually giving up. i am planning on going back to the story because i love the idea of it! i just need to graduate first i think and get life settled.

after that it was pretty much just finals and holidays for me, i went to los angeles which you can see the first four days of in video format here. i was there for 9 days and only got good video footage of at least 4 of them and some clips here and there of other things that i still need to edit. they will come eventually. maybe. who knows anymore?

during this new semester i’m taking a lot of time to think about myself and what i like to do. by that i mean just making sure i set enough time in the day aside for me to work on coding things and writing and just simply relaxing.

it feels good to get back into coding again – i stopped doing it for so so long but then decided i wanted to try something new in the coding realm and did it – a very advanced jcink roleplay skin. then i decided a tumblr theme would be fun to do and it was and came out pretty decent too. i’m currently using it on my tumblr account, kvlorvns. the theme that i put up has a different background than mine but this is my first one and i am quite proud of it.

what else? i’m trying to write more, hence the blog post. i still do love writing and i need to get myself back into it. i’m going to work on that this year as well as bullet journaling, which i am actually being quite good with doing this year (i started a month late, but its okay – progress). i have weekly spreads for the whole month of february and a mood tracker for the month as well. its quite cute actually but i keep forgetting to jot my moods and do things for that but i am using it.

oh! i’m in a play! i’ve been cast in my school’s production of ‘the skin of our teeth’ and i’ll be playing moses, a conveener and actor in each of the respective first, second and third acts. i’m super pumped to be doing it with my roommates for the first time!

i think that is all i have to say for now. i’ll see you in the next post – whenever and whatever it is.

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