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Days 2 – 6: 31 Day Character Catch Ups

Hello everyone and welcome to day 2! The fact that your seeing this is a good sign meaning that I’ve made it past day one – so yay for that. 

lols. I forgot to post for a week. Whoops. I’m gonna just sum up the past like 4 days quickly.

I’ve decided that these posts are not going to be more ‘personal-professional’ but they are going to be ‘personal-personal’ in the sense that I’m not even going to bother to make these structured. My blog, my posts, my world.

ANYWAYS, ON TO DAY 2! A character from a previous favorite fandom is…… *drumroll*

^^ This is the intro from the day 2 post. Same thing basically stands. Huzzah.

Day 2 – Character from a Previous Favorite Fandom 

This one would have to be Damon Salvatore. I was obsessed with TVD when it was actually good. NGL.

Day 3 – Character who Looks Like You

This one is SO SO hard because I don’t think I look like anyone. But the person I think I could pull off looking like most is Jessica Jones. Which is great because I ADORE JESSICA JONES.

Day 4 – Character Who Acts Like You

I would say a character who acts like me would be Mikasa Ackerman, cause I’m always putting up with all my friend groups shit and save the day usually.

Day 5 – A group of characters who is most like you and your friends

The literal friends group from FRIENDS. I am Joey through and through – he is nuts and I relate to him on a spiritual panel.

Day 6 – The most annoying character

FUCKIN MISA FROM FUCKIN DEATH NOTE. God she was so fuckin annoying I wanted to kill her when i was watching it.

So yeah, that’s about it today. I’m going to attempt to catch up and stay on time with this because I really want to. It’s just a lot of work posting every day, obviously.

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