Life changes: I am MOVING!!

Well, well. There will be another short little hiatus on this blog, but this time actually intentional. As many of you know, I’ve been trying to find a job in my occupation (film/video/television) since I graduated in May.

After months and interviews, I finally landed a job! ….. in FLORIDA!!!!

I am so so happy for this next step in my life and this amazing job and move would not be possible without my lovely roommate’s family for letting me live with them for pretty much nothing. (Despite my protests – I have offered to pay for things but they are refusing).

With that being said, it saddens me that I do have to drop out of RAW Providence, as it is the same weekend that I will be driving down to Florida with my mom.

Luckily though I finished my post for the Game that Define Us a while ago so I will still be in the clear for that. I was gonna add on to it, however I don’t think that will be possible anymore.

I am going to attempt to document as much of it as possible on my Youtube channel, but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyways, now that I’ve just announced it, I’ll leave how I’m feeling in the next couple posts. I don’t want to ramble for to long and make this post messier than what it already is.

See you next post!


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