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Notice Anything?

Hello everyone! Now that things have settled and we’re actually into October, I can come back on again and get back into the swing of things slowly but surely.

Now you may have noticed that there are a few changes…. one of them being that there’s a new layout on the site. But that’s not all….

Yes, not only do I have a new layout on the blog, but you also may have noticed a few other things, but if you didn’t let me break them down:

I now own! Yup, I finally took the plunge and got the domain for the site, figured it was time for a change ya know? With that changes comes the second new thing that some people may or may not notice.

I’ve switched platforms! Yes, I know, again I switched platforms. I wasn’t a bit fan of Blogger after using it for a while and I’ve always loved WordPress, and rather than using .org I figured I would go with basic ‘ol .com that way I don’t have to spend money on a host or anything.

A few more things might change like my posting and maybe the theme some more but for now, I’m happy with it! Everything is still the same old stuff, just a new look, address, and platform.

I’ll see you guys in the next post!

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