Doctor Who Review: New titles, new TARDIS and more!

Hello everyone! My brain told me to write a post about something else like my life or something more serious than Doctor Who, but my…


Hello everyone! My brain told me to write a post about something else like my life or something more serious than Doctor Who, but my heart told me to write about Doctor Who, so here I am writing about Doctor Who. One of these days I’ll write something personable but until then, I’m gonna scream about Doctor Who.

Rather than reviewing the episode as a whole, I’m going to just chat about the bits I liked throughout the episode and new things that appear throughout the season. Because with a new Doctor comes a change in the show, so I’m here to nitpick the new things.

And scream about how much I love the Doctor.

First things first: the new opening titles. If you haven’t seen them yet, well, here they are to make your life easier:


Wicked, huh?

I saw a screencap on Twitter Sunday night (cause I forgot to watch, please forgive me Doctor!) and was very intrigued, then I watched the episode today and loved it! I love the colors of purple and blue and a little bit of red, it’s very spacey and mystical – which could be a foreshadow for the upcoming season and how the Doctor is going to be acting now.

Either way, totally love it.

Next up on my list of things I’m totally digging and new stuff unveiled this episode is the new TARDIS of course! This was by far the most anticipated reveal of the episode and we expected it last episode, but they just wanted to drag it out and in my words, the reveal itself was worth the wait.

I’ve tried to find the FULL SCENE from the end of the episode where the Doctor walks into her new TARDIS for the first time but unfortunately, I can’t find it but there is some behind the scenes of the production designer explaining the new TARDIS and some of its function.


It is a pretty cool video for film and TV geeks like me, but to watch her actually entering it during the episode was absolutely magical. The slow motion when she first walked in, the slow pans when she was interacting with it for the first time was the absolute best. Plus the cream custard button. That was just incredible – her face lit up like a child’s on Christmas.

Not to mention also she told it to “Come to daddy” but then realized she wasn’t a man and said “I mean, come to mummy!” when she was trying to get it to stay put. That part made me laugh.

Speaking of the lady herself – I am still LOVING her just as much as I did last week! I think I love her even more! She isn’t afraid to tell off the men around her that are stupid and is still just a hyperactive child who’s had to much candy. She’s energetic and hilarious to watch – something that is kind of like 10 and 11 but she is also very much her own Doctor.

Also, Graham was a little more tolerable this episode. And I adore how she keeps calling Yas, Ryan and Graham her new best friends. They’re excited to be with her just as much as she is excited about literally everything around her.

Maybe I’ll make this into a weekly thing? Let me know if I should keep doing weekly lil Doctor Who snippets after every episode of new little things.

Till then, if you haven’t seen the episode – get off your ass and go watch it!


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