The Fall of Marvel Netflix?

I never thought I would be making this post, but here I am. A couple of weeks ago, Iron Fist was canceled by Netflix. Which…


I never thought I would be making this post, but here I am.

A couple of weeks ago, Iron Fist was canceled by Netflix. Which didn’t entirely shock me, as Danny Rand was not one of the more popular characters from the Marvel Netflix shows and season one was absolutely garbage. And he was still pretty useless in the Defenders. But according to some of my friends, season 2 was actually pretty good (I haven’t watched it yet).

Then just a couple of weeks after Iron Fist’s cancellation, Luke Cage gets canceled, which really shocked me because season one did so well and there was SO much potential for him after the Defenders (again, haven’t watched the second season yet).

Many people believe these cancellations will pave the way for new shows including them, and I hope that its going to be picked up by Marvel/Disney’s new streaming service.

So this raises the question: what the fuck is gonna happen to Jessica and Matt?

With Jessica Jones season 2 being released earlier in the year and Daredevil season 3 being released literally two days ago from this post’s publication, there are a lot of worries amongst the Marvel fandom for the future of these two shoes.

Granted Daredevil’s ratings have been good enough to get it three seasons, the ratings of Jessica Jones season 2 were not the greatest, depending upon where you go. These were the first two Marvel Netflix shows to be released and the ones that got the best feedback out of all the shows.

Let’s not forget about the Punisher as well, the anti-hero from Daredevil season two who managed to snag his own hit show. So far it only has one season, regardless of the response being overwhelmingly positive.

With Iron Fist and Luke Cage, HALF of the Defenders squad, getting their shows cancelled, this raises the question: Are Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher safe from doom?

According to a couple different sources online like, Jessica Jones and The Punisher are safe. No word on Daredevil’s fate yet, but granted season three just came out and so far the reviews have been absolutely amazing, we can probably assume that its safe.

I can say this though: I will probably burn Netflix and Marvel to the ground if they get rid of Jessica Jones.

What do you guys think will happen to these two? What are your thoughts about saying goodbye to Danny and Luke? Sound off below!


  1. I heard about this on Saturday, and it came as something of a surprise to me. Iron Fist S1 was weak, and Defenders had poor pacing but they also had their merits. Announcing the cancellation of Luke Cage on the day they released Daredevil S3 felt quite strange to me, an up and a down at the same time. Luke Cage left it at a strange place, and season 2 of Iron Fist was actually pretty good compared to the first. I like Jessica Jones S2 but a few of my friends who watched felt it was weaker than S1 and in truth I don’t know what the concensus is, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we might be seeing the end of Marvel Netflix. I think a second Season of Punisher is already made, but there might not be much beyond that. I hope Daredevil S4 is commissioned but you just don’t know anymore. Good post, thanks for sharing

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