Doctor Who Review: Rosa + Arachnids in the UK

Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of Doctor Who Reviews! I’ve decided that I’m going to add a whole new category for these,…


Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of Doctor Who Reviews!

I’ve decided that I’m going to add a whole new category for these, calling them WhoReviews! They’ll be under reviews on the main menu so you can easily navigate them – and I’ll be adding other WhoReviews to the category as well so everything is all nice and neatly done!

I’m a bit behind on reviews and that is my fault – which is why I am combining the two episodes! There wasn’t much new in these episodes really but oh boy was it still as fantastic as the rest! Read more below and as always:


I’ll just get this part of the post out of the way so that way I can focus on the rest of the post and episode: I LOVE THE DOCTOR SO MUCH. SHE IS A TODDLER ON STEROIDS AND DOES NOT STOP AND I LOVE HER.

Let me start out with a few things I loved about Rosa, or rather the main thing: the topic is very real today still. 

It demonstrates something that is still very, very apparent in today’s society, no matter how hard some people want to admit it. And that’s brought up in the episode too.

One part that I just loved the execution of was the end of the episode when the bus thing starts to happen. It was amazingly edited and executed and shows what actually happens a lot – people just standing by while bad things happen.

Granted in the episode Yas, Ryan, Graham and the Doctor HAD to stand by and just let it happen as much as they didn’t want to or else it would alter the course of history, but still.

It showcased that even though there are still race problems in the world, we have come a long way. Plus, it was adorable seeing Ryan’s reaction to meeting Dr. King.

Onto one that I have a little less to say about, Arachnids in the UK.

Now, I have an IMMENSE fear of spiders. SO SO BAD. I was able to actually watch maybe the first 15 minutes of the episode before having it open in another tab as background noise and occasionally clicking in when I feel like I was missing something.

But that’s about as far as I got to actually watching. Just….. yuck, spiders. Couldn’t watch it, but listening was okay.

The beginning of the episode made me sad because I was all upset about them leaving her (even though I knew they truly don’t). Cause SHE WAS SAD and my baby can’t be sad OKAY!?

However, I LOVED how at the end of the episode, the Doctor was all serious about Team TARDIS joining her but then just went off the rails in excitement about them joining her.


So, now that I have that out of the way and I am caught up on WhoReviews, its time to move on to the two awards I’ve been nominated for.

Until next week (hopefully sooner!)

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