WhoReview: Demons of Punjab

Hello everyone! We’re back again this week with another WhoReview (late in the week as always… RIP me and my motivation). Once more this week…


Hello everyone! We’re back again this week with another WhoReview (late in the week as always… RIP me and my motivation).

Once more this week we had an amazing episode in all of the production ways. Let’s get right to it and get this review on the way and my screaming about how much I love the Doctor.

The episode is really unlike something we’ve seen before in the series. All other Doctors are always firmly against their companions going back in time to learn about themselves – and 13 was too, but she gave up after a while and staed longer upon reliaizing there was a much bigger problem at hand.

I love the idea that these big bad murderous monsters were able to turn good and take care of people after the destruction of their race. You know who that reminds me of/is a paralell for?

The Doctor herself.

Did anyone else realize that while it was going on – or just me?! Because I realized and god damn is it good. That’s why to me she relates so much and sympathizes so much with them in the last half of the episode. It’s a “been there, done that” moment for her and she relates to them.

Anyway, let me go back to the main plot of the episode: Yas learning more about her Grandmother’s past. She gets curious when her grandmother refuses to tell her the true story of when she was younger, which prompts her to ask the Doctor to go back and find out, which prompts the Doctor to refuse at first but then offer to go anyway.

Then the whole ‘demon’ species thing that I mentioned earlier.

The episode talks about real events that happened in the past and inserts our characters in them. Which I think is wht I like so much about this eries so far in general – with the Rosa episode and now this. It is always fun to see space and make believe obviously, but it is also nice to see real historical events. It helps me learn more about things that I may not have known about – in this case the India/Pakistan separation.

This is also one of the first times in the new season that the companions truly learn the struggles of time travel and knowing the future. The monsers from the episode tell the Doctor the fate of Yas’ Grandmother’s husband and she tells her friends, which in turn makes them all miserable and sad.

Yas wants to try and stop the fate from happening, but the Doctor tells her they can’t – or else Yas won’t exsist in the future. Which is one of the tribulations of time travel, they see bad things happening but they can’t do anything or else it could literally screw up the fabric of reality.

So rather than change things for her Grandmother’s happiness, Yas has to sit back and watch tragedy unfold.

We don’t exactly get what happens after Yas’ grandmother runs away and what happens after she figures out that her husband died – the episode cuts off before she tells Yas.

Overall, I love the new season so far, especially what they’re doing with the writing of each episode. It feels as if they get more and more realistic each week when they go back in time, which leds to me for a more intune show.

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